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Our twin girls are now 2.5 years old.  They didn’t get their first hair cut until they were 22 month old.  Their first haircuts were done by my hairdresser. She did my hair when I started kindergarten, when I graduated high school and when I got married. She gave our older son his first hair cut at 14 months. There was no doubt in my mind that she’s the one I’d choose for their first hair cut too.  She was willing to come to my mom’s house and cut their hair while they sat in their booster seats at the table.

At that point, they barely had any hair. They just need the bottom trimmed to make all the hair the same length. About 6 months later, I started thinking they needed another trim. We weren’t travelling to where our hairdresser lived, so that wasn’t an option. Our girls are quite shy with strangers and new situations, so taking them to a new place with unfamiliar people didn’t appeal to me. I also thought about the cost, not just of this haircut, but of getting their few hairs trimmed every few months for years and years. It costs at least $10-15 at the cheap place where we take our son for haircuts. At the fancy, kids salon it is $15-20 per child, and I can only imagine how overstimulating it would be.  So, I decided, I could probably manage the basic hair trimming myself.

S - Before
R - Before

I turned to the Internet for help. I found a series of youtube videos.  I watched all 4 videos, and figured I could do it. The equipment needed was minimal: a good pair of hair cutting scissors (I paid $10 on sale for mine), a towel, a comb (I had to buy a package for $3 because mine had all disappeared), and a spray bottle for water (optional). I set them up in their booster seats, one girl at a time. I let the other girl hold the extra combs and the water bottle. It took less than 15 minutes to trim each one’s hair.

Was it perfect? No. What it fancy? No. Were the spots I wanted to fix after? Yes.  Did it look much better than the shaggy, stringy “style” they had before? YES!  By the time they start to care how their hair looks, I’ll have had lots of practice. I think there’s got to be away to make their hair cuts different enough it will help people tell them apart. With practice, I’ll figure that out too. Cutting our son’s hair concerns me more than our daughters’ hair. I don’t know how to use electric trimmers and the equipment that seems to come with boys’ hair. That might be something to try another day.

S - After
R - After

Do you cut your children’s hair?  What advice do you have to share?

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7 thoughts on “DIY Haircuts”

  1. They look cute!
    I do cut my kids’ hair. Totally for the economic reason. I’m lucky that my oldest has curly hair so ‘mistakes’ don’t really show. And that I got to practice with him. Joshua’s hair is barely there at 3 so he hasn’t gotten more than 2 trims so far. Beth’s is most challenging as she can’t seem to sit still and hers is more on the straight side. So she often times ends up with ‘accidentally’ lawyered flock. But it’s never looked bad. ..And I’ve saved so much money!! It makes me feel good every time. One thing to keep in mind is that ‘it does grow back’, so there’s not that much pressure. And if I ever ruin my kids hair ‘too badly’, even temporarily, I can always get to a hairdresser afterwards.

  2. One of my kids has not needed a haircut at almost 2 (I tell people that’s all the hair he came with!) but we did take the other for the first haircut experience, which terrified him. This summer my husband shaved his head with the clippers when he did his own, and the kid loved it. I think we will just trim the sides and back with the clippers, it’s pretty easy. I have done my husband’s hair before and it’s no biggie, don’t sweat it.

  3. I also cut L and R’s hair. They both have curly, bug hair and I only ever trim or “fix” so it’s been fine so far. I did something a little silly with Leila’s fringe (bangs) a couple of weeks ago. It’s grown out and looks fine now.
    My dad cut mine as a child and it was awful!
    I hope my attempts get better with practice.

  4. I have only cut one twin’s hair so far. She came with a lot of hair but kept getting that baby mullet. Not so cute! So I’ve trimmed the back three times and the bangs twice. I always end up messing the bangs up a little on one side but I don’t think anyone else would notice. I keep saying I’m just going to pay someone to cut it but I don’t know where to take them. Honestly I haven’t had a haircut since February so its not like I can ask my own hairdresser…

  5. I have always cut my twin boys’ hair too. They are now two and a half. The first three cuts my husband and I did together with the longest attachment on our hair clippers set. It was fairly short and fairly even and after the first time with the wailing and screaming it has gotten much better. This past time I barely trimmed the tops, used the clippers on the bottom, and watched some YouTube clips on blending hair in order to blend the two together. Not amazing, but I was surprised at how decent it turned out. I don’t know if this link will work, but here is the blog entry I wrote about it.

  6. My little baby 2 years old. I take him to the nearest haircut saloon he becomes afraid to see the scissors and crying a lot. At last, I return back him home Apply DIY Method easily the works done. I thought the DIY method is perfect for under 5 years old child.

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