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I have just finished up my season of busy-ness for the year. From July to the end of October I race from one volunteer project to another at my children’s schools as well as manage the start of school, the start of sports, the start of extra curricular activities. And while I have been a parent to my children while working on these projects, I admit I haven’t been 100% “there”. My kids have changed in subtle and definitive ways over the past three months. There are new versions of old pretend play games, a brand new interest in puzzles that they can all work on together, learning to pump on the swings. One of my boys can now put his shoes on by himself at school, but I have let him whine to me about “not being able to do it” at home. I did not realize he had these new skills, and let us both take the easy way out.

So as I look up and around at the end of being busy, wondering what to do with myself now that my life is calm again, I want to step back and appreciate how both my kids and I have grown and changed in the last few months. I’ve learned that I need a big project that is outside of the home and work each year to help keep my sanity. I’ve learned that stepping back and letting the kids figure things out on their own is beneficial to all–they’ve absorbed some new habits and skills and are now ready to learn more.

My season of busy might not look like yours. Remember, I’m a freelancer with four year old twins and an older girl who is seven. I have lived through other times of busy and have survived–newborn twins and a three year old; the grind of constant feedings and diaperings; colic and acid reflux times two;  potty training; and homework with two whirlwind toddlers riding on trucks. But as my children grow, also our needs change, and I’m learning to adapt and relish the moment, they would rather play with each other now with no involvement from me. Another mom blogger mentioned that instead of focusing on busy, she is “enjoying the abundance”. I like that. I want to learn to enjoy the abundance.

When my kids were small, other moms of multiples swore to me that it would get easier when they were older, and that I would miss these crazy moments–I never believed them at the time, but now I’m getting a bit nostalgic. Another mom blogger mentioned that instead of focusing on being busy, she is “enjoying the abundance.” I like that. I want to learn to enjoy the abundance of this stage of my kids and our lives.

How do you handle a season of busy?

Leslie H. is a freelance writer and parent to an amazing seven year old girl and adventurous four year old twins.

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One thought on “Seasons of Busy”

  1. I love the term “Season of Busy.” It’s when I’m at my best and my happiest: flitting from event to event, planning out the events we will host, gift-shopping, attending a zillion holiday-themed celebrations and performances.

    I’m having trouble getting into the swing of the holidays this year. I think it’s just because I don’t know our new town well enough to be able to find all the hidden holiday gems.

    Thanks for the reminder to get looking, even if projects at work are especially demanding.

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