Night Duty, Again!

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After having our first son potty trained in just 3 days (at 25 months) and never having an accident I was boasting my chest ruffles pretty loudly whenever potty training came up with family and friends. Call it denial or positive thinking I was convinced that there would be no problems with the twins either. They turned 25 months and then 30mo and still had absolutely no interest in letting go of their comfy and warm diapers that I dragged from the store every month on my back bent over doubly (why I never heard of ‘Amazon Mom’ is beyond my understanding. That thing there saved us so many $ and so much time&trouble I wish I had heard of it when the twins were first born). I started potty training with them several times just to realize that it was of no use when they’d pee in the toilet and then 15 minutes later finish emptying their bladder on the carpet in the basement. Too much stress, too much work and who really cares if they don’t get potty trained at all until they’re 12?

Throughout the past spring Joshua had been watching his big brother use the toilet with some interest.  He then started to tell us that he needed to ‘potty’ at diaper change. We’d take him to the bathroom and he’d often pee and we’d do the clapping and cart wheeling and confetti and he would beam of pride. Then he’d start telling us he needs to ‘potty’ before he wet his diaper. This went on for about 2 months before I realized that the boy is ready to say good buy to diapers .. or so I thought.

Joshua does not like change. Last winter his shoes were 2 sizes too small before I got him to wear the bigger pair without a full blast tantrum. I was never able to introduce his new winter hat, that’ll have to wait ‘till this winter.  I don’t know why I thought he’d let go of his diapers without a fight. We did the whole ‘big boys wear underwear’, ‘look at Daddy, he’s got underwear’ speech. We bought underwear with his favorite colors and animals and trucks and you name it. We promised candy and toys and moon from the sky and yet he was not seeing the light.

Until one day when he wanted to be ‘like Nathan’. I’m not entirely sure what happened but he’s been fine since. As long as we call his underwear pull ups.

His sister on the other hand was a tougher one to train and according to my husband that shouldn’t come as a surprise considering who her mother is. She took her sweet time and had accidents, refused to go until it was too late and then she’d cry hysterically that she didn’t mean to pee on the floor but had to go so bad …

But that’s not what I wanted to write about, really. I wanted to tell you that I am living a phase of regret. I am no longer able to sleep through the night as I was used to for sometime. I now have three children unable to pee in their pull-ups but yet too young to hold the pee in all night … so that leaves me to get up at least once per kid per night, on a good night. There are nights when I am up more than when they were infants. And I’m not liking this. I know that ‘this too shall pass’ and pretty soon they are big enough to use the bathroom alone in the middle of the night. Until then I’ll be in night duty. Once again.

Did you feel like your workload increased when your kids potty trained? How did you help them figure out bathroom at night?


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6 thoughts on “Night Duty, Again!”

  1. That is one of the good things about our triplets training only a few months before their 4th birthday. They can handle middle of the night pee trips on their own and we have a bathroom attached to their rooms. I hope it passes soon for the original poster.

  2. While I am so proud and thankful that my girls (almost three) are both out of diapers…and I wouldn’t change a thing…I do look back longingly at the diaper days in a couple of ways.

    Sleep is definitely one. Our girls rarely wake up during the night…but gone (for now, at least) are their days of sleeping until 7:30. A 6:30 day is a good one…and when they wake up, they have to go, THEN!

    That also means that they’re not content to “talk” for a few minutes when they wake up from naps. Mommy had better be listening and be able to drop whatever she’s doing to LEAP up the steps…

    The other thing that’s more difficult is outings. I am always thinking about my public bathroom options…versus being able to rely on the security of a diaper to allow us to make it back home (or at least to the passenger seat of the car) to change.

    Again, I don’t mean to complain — at all! — but there were a few aspects of diapers that were easier.

    You’re right…this, too, shall pass…hang in there! :) :)

  3. One of my guys trained at 38 months, the other at 44 months. Neither of them are night trained and I haven’t pushed it. I haven’t had one morning where they woke up dry, I am assuming they aren’t ready.

    I agree that some aspects of potty trained kids are more difficult than diapers. Long trips in the car are the worst. We seem to stop every 30 minutes despite having both go at each stop. I have started keeping a disposable cup in the car! One of the benefits of having 2 boys.

  4. I wish I could offer some advice, but I have none. My twins are daytime potty trained (since 22 months and 25 months), but neither can make it through the night dry. They’re 3.5 so I’m not too worried yet (though it’d be nice to get rid of the pullups for good), but I’m wondering if there will come a time when they just start waking up dry or if there will have to be some very intentional training process to get them trained. Any thought on this?

  5. We’re still struggling with potty training after six months. I can say that one thing that probably helps our nights a lot is the last one of us to bed at night (usually hubby) wakes each 3-year-old just enough to walk them (sort of penguin style) into the bathroom for one more chance at the potty. My girl hasn’t fully got with the program yet, but my boy almost always goes, so we’ve stopped having early morning blowouts; sometimes he wakes up completely dry. Now if I could just get them to stop waking up at the crack of dawn, I might get a decent night sleep!

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