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Thanksgiving is time to count our blessings. My heart is full of the gifts all my children have given me. I am especially thankful to have been given the gift of multiples. Having two kids at one time has stretched our family in new ways that we have never thought possible. I will fully admit–and friends will agree–that I was a not myself during the newborn days with twins an a three-year-old. But as the kids get older and relationships change, I am able to look back with pride and nostalgia for all that we have accomplished together, growing as a family, as well as look forward to fun years ahead.

In the book, “One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are,” author Ann Voskamp encourages readers to look beyond the day to day grind of lives and to keep a counting of our blessings. These three children have given my husband and I so much to be thankful for–my heart is full. A recent counting of my families’ blessings include:

      • The ability to walk my older daughter and her friends to and from school. Pickups that become huge playdates with friends and their siblings
      • Legos and polly pockets and imagination games that all three can play
      • Loving the old dog

        Boys and dog in the stroller
      • Halloween and Holidays. Busy-ness and slowing down. Time flies
      • The ability to stay at home these beginning years and trying every day to remember to enjoy each minute
      • Wanting, needing, demanding time with Daddy, especially when it involves hitting golf balls or hammering nails
      • Kids Meetings (where they scurry away to have discussions and usually involve filched treats like potato chips or candy). I try to be mad because I think I *should* but it is just so cute!
      • “Mommy, I need to be outside, or I’m just going to die!” My nature-centric kids
      • That twins and an older sibling play together, love each other, need their time together without Mom or Dad interfering

From our family to yours, wishing you a heartful Thanksgiving Season.

Leslie H. is freelance writer and mom to a spunky seven-year-old and rambunctious four-year-old twin boys.

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