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Well, we made it. We are half-way through the preschool year with my boys in separate classrooms. Remember how nervous I was in the beginning? (If not, you can read my earlier post here.) And those of you who have been through this experience and shared your words of wisdom were so kind with your reassurances–thank you!

My boys have just blossomed in separate classrooms. My more reserved boy has gained new self-confidence and new friends. He was the one I was most worried about academically and felt he needed extra help in in all the kindergarten social and academic skills. I knew my more outgoing boy would be fine. He went into school knowing his numbers, letters, and most letter sounds. He know benefits from having his own set of friends and space from his sibling. Although the boys share playground times several days a week, they more often than not choose to play independently with their own classmates.

When they return home they are happy enough to be together for some moments of mommy bliss–peaceful play and cooperation–before the sibling rivalry starts. They are meanest to each other and love one another deeply. I am amazed at how strong their relationship is to withstand the fighting and hurt feelings to always come back to love.


Rainy Day

There have been some sticky situations–sometimes one boy is asked on a playdate and I can not find the other boy a playdate at the same time. We have had a couple of cases where only one boy was asked to a class birthday party and the other was not. Although tough on the afternoon of the party, this is a good learning experience for the upcoming kindergarten year. Special mommy dates help ease these growing pains.

So really, it was mostly my issues with separation (my babies!) than their issues. Separating them during the 4s year of preschool, at their loving cooperative nursery school was the right choice for our family. Yes, they had to hug each other goodbye at the beginning, but now they run off to class with barely a concern for what the other brother is doing. I even have asked for them to be apart in extracurricular activities, when we can. I am so excited that separate classes worked for my twins and hope that we can continue this success for kindergarten in the fall.

Leslie H. is a freelance writer and mom to a spunky eight-year-old girl and two very independent four-year-old boys.

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4 thoughts on “Mid-(School) Year Review”

  1. I’m so glad everything has worked out for the best! We still haven’t had to deal with the separate playdate/separate party issue. I’m dreading it, and will looking to you for advice when it does come!

  2. this is great to read. mine are in preK-3 this year (full-day, every day, at the same school they’ll stay at for the rest of their days, i hope) and next year we’ll be separating them. i’m glad to read it’s going well for your boys.

  3. My twins are only 10 months old, so I know I’m worrying about this far too soon, but the idea of separating them causes ME anxiety! I can so relate to this!

    From the time they were born my boys have seemed to need each other’s presence. They were preemies and are monozygotic too, and it killed me to see them apart for the first two weeks in the NICU. The day we graduated to intermediate and they were allowed to share a crib was a great day for me.

    When they are sleeping they inch toward each other in their sleep until they are in a puppy pile. It doesn’t seem to matter how far apart I put them. It has been this way since before I was aware they could move!

    They want to be in the same area when they are playing, even though they don’t really play with each other yet. They fuss if I put them in different rooms.

    I just always get the sense that they have an instinctual need to be together. Maybe it’s in my head but it definitely wasn’t this way with my two older, non-twin children. Their dad and I often take them out one-to-one on Saturday mornings and I don’t notice them being upset, so maybe it really is in my head.

    Still, the idea of them being apart in school scares me to death. I guess I will have to wait and see how they feel about it as they get older. I’m also worried that I suffer from unit-thinking syndrome. And that, I know, is my issue – not theirs.

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