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My wonderful mother came for a (too short of a) two week visit with my favorite (and only) sister’s almost 7yr nephew. Oh the fun we had! The kids don’t have many cousins to play with on a regular basis so to have one living in the house for a whole 2 weeks was beyond amazing for them.

I was slightly worried how the whole language barrier would go but turns out kids are pretty good communicators with couple words, gestures and primal noises. It took them about 10 minutes after we arrived from the airport to be playing ‘jungle’ in the basement (and the pace never slowed down after that). By the second night Daniel requested that we make a bed for him in the kids’ room.

Nathan was in awe of this older boy who knew how to climb trees and dive and speak Finnish flawlessly. It was fun to watch him soak in the ‘wisdom’ Daniel so openly shared. They planned jokes on the rest of us with such a speed and creativity that I had forgotten existed.

Prior to the visit I had worried about spending tons of money on admissions to several of our planned activities. I was thrilled to find out that through our library we could get discounted admissions to a whole lot of places. I met a mom from CA at the aquarium who told me that their library has a similar program. So if you’re planning excursions with a load of neighborhood kids or your own you should totally look into that. Our budget throwing $95 admission fee to our Zoo became pocket chance when we flashed our library pass and were charged only $12.

I had hoped that having a Finnish speaking child in the house would produce some language development in my kids but to my disappointment I don’t think they now speak one more word of Finnish than they did before the visit. Daniel however developed his understanding of English by quite a bit and would tell me sometimes when I started to translate something that ‘I already know what that means’. We have a month long trip planned to Finland in the fall. Who knows, maybe by the end of that trip my children will dazzle me with their ability to form a whole sentence in Finnish! Until then we have many memories to cherish and are looking forward to making new ones.

How do you find deals on fun things to do with the family? 

Hanna is trying to foster the sense of Finnish heritance in her kids (and her totally awesome American husband) in the outskirts of Boston. 

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2 thoughts on “Family visit”

  1. How wonderful! Family, and fun, and languages! Finnish holds a special place in my heart because of its nature as a European isolate. (Yeah, I know Hungarian’s a cousin, but that makes it all the cooler!) Although your kids don’t speak any more Finnish than they did, do you think they understand more? Is it easier for you to remember to speak it, having had your mom and nephew in your home? My problem with Bengali is that since I NEVER EVER speak it to anyone other than the kids, I end up hardly ever speaking it to the kids. (And now, knowing you’re Finnish, I’m pronouncing “Hanna” differently in my head.)

  2. Sadia, the kids definitely did gain more understanding of the language so that’s good. And it was wonderful for me to have someone around that I ‘had’ to speak Finnish to. I totally understand the internal fight to speak English over your native language at home. Because really, it is so much easier.

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