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Highs and Lows of My Twin Pregnancy from hdydi.com

It was a year ago last week that I found out I was pregnant for the first time–although I wouldn’t find out for another couple months that I was carrying twins!  As a sort of introduction, I thought now would be an appropriate time to reflect on my pregnancy.  I was lucky enough to have a somewhat “boring” pregnancy and I carried my boy/girl twins to 37 weeks and one day, when they were delivered via scheduled c-section.  While uncomplicated, I definitely had my ups and downs.  Here are some of the most memorable.

Low points

Rib pain

For me, this was one of the earliest, and longest lasting, disturbances.  It started out as a dull ache wrapped around my rib cage, and I had to give up underwire bras pretty early in my pregnancy.  Towards the end I could feel the babies ratcheting my ribs farther apart to make room for their pointy limbs and big heads.  My ribs still haven’t recovered!  They’re a weird shape, and wider than they used to be.

Swollen feet

My feet got so swollen it looked like I had on a permanent pair of Uggs.  Putting my feet up at the end of the day didn’t help with the swelling but I didn’t argue when the doctor told me to spend “more time down than up.”  I rejoiced when I could see my ankle bones again and could actually see a difference between my thigh and my calves about a week after the babies were born.  My hands didn’t suffer as badly, until the last week of my pregnancy when my hands and face puffed up suddenly (one of the signs of pre-eclampsia; my C-section was moved up from 38 weeks to 37 because of this and other factors).


Women with a multiples pregnancy can be at a higher risk for gestational diabetes.  I had all of the risk factors associated with it anyway; age, race, family history and the twins on top of that.  My case was very mild; I mostly controlled it through diet (since exercise was not an option), until the very end when I had to give myself one insulin injection daily before dinner.  Stabbing myself in the stomach with a needle every day wasn’t fun–I even cried when they showed me how to do it—but it didn’t last forever and my babies were born healthy so it was worth it.

And now on to the high points!


It’s breathtaking to see two little creatures on the screen and imagine them floating, dancing, and battling each other inside you.  One clip of our 4-D ultrasound video shows our serene baby boy’s face until, out of nowhere, baby girl’s foot comes along and kicks him repeatedly in the forehead! (nearly five months later, she’s still the aggressor!)


This may sound superficial, but what mom-to-be doesn’t enjoy shopping for her new little one? I would go a couple times a week to the different baby superstores, “just to look” and see what my options were.  When I got too big to enjoy walking around the store, I shopped online!  Buying things in pairs of two can be overwhelming at times, but more often it was double the fun.


Babies kicking, flipping, and hiccupping make for some fascinating sensations!  When they got big enough, sometimes Icould see both moving at the same time in different parts of my belly!  Baby boy often got the hiccups, but sometimes both babies got them simultaneously and it was such a cool feeling, like a hiccup and its echo.

Carrying twins was probably the most taxing thing I’ve ever done, but now that the twins are here, it’s hard to imagine a life without them!

What were your pregnancy highs and lows?

As an expat, Mercedes currently makes her home in Aberdeen, Scotland, with her husband and fraternal boy/girl twins.  When she’s not playing with her little ones, she enjoys cooking, reading, and writing at her blog, Project Procrastinot.  

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11 thoughts on “Highs and Lows of my Twin Pregnancy”

  1. Lows: Round ligament pain and carpal tunnel in both hands! Getting out of bed, the couch, a chair. Getting really emotional about my daughter losing her single-child status and feeling guilty.

    Highs: Making it to 38 weeks and knowing that I was making my babies big and healthy. They were 6 5 and 6 10!

  2. I had the world’s easiest twin pregnancy… until my girls showed up 7 weeks premature. No morning sickness, no swelling, minimal lower back pain. My feet grew, but went back to their regular size once I resumed exercise after giving birth. My big challenge was weight gain. Despite eating all I could, I couldn’t gain my target 60 lbs in 9 months, instead gaining 30 lbs in the 7 months I was pregnant.

  3. I had that rib expansion thing too! I felt that I was changing shape in strange ways. I am quite tall, so it was quite impressive to add the sideways and then forwards expansion!

  4. I’m only 14 weeks at this point, but I’d also say a high has been the lack of nausea/morning sickness. I’d always anticipated getting really sick with any pregnancy, so I was super shocked to feel fairly normal with twins! (A downside, however, is that since the day I found out I was pregnant, I haven’t slept through the night, have crazy-vivid dreams and get up to pee a bunch-I know, I know, “just wait!”)

  5. I would say that my high and low were the same – bed rest! I was on a sort of “no more work, slow down” bed rest at 5 months and then in and out of varying degrees of lock-down until the end. It was a high because of the time to reflect, rest, and imagine. I also felt like I was “doing” something for my b/g twins without actually doing something, if that makes sense. Bed rest was also a low because of the obvious – it could be boring, I missed friends and my usual routine, and I felt like a burden on my husband. But all is well now, I had 2 beautiful full-term babies and they went home with me to start our crazy life right away. They are 3 years old now. :) Best of luck to you – cute twin pic!

  6. I have identical twin girls of 5.
    Lows – my pregnancy was pretty bleak at the beginning. Terrible nausea for the first 16 weeks and i couldn’t eat much.
    High- The second stage was good, I was so delighted not to feel sick anymore that anything else was insignificant.
    Low – I developed diastasis and had to wear a tubigrip and back support alternately. It wasn’t too painful though.
    Low – The third stage – couldn’t walk the length of myself, I had a lot of back pain and i had big melon feet!
    Low – I was taken into hospital at the end of Jan and spent 3 weeks hooked up to a CTG daily and being scanned every other before I had the girls. The girls were breach and shared a placenta so I had them at 36 weeks by c-section.
    High – Having my girls.
    Low – watching them being tube fed and given oxygen in Special Care for 2 weeks.
    Low – trying to give them breast milk and getting nothing out of my breasts with the pump, then failing at breastfeeding them myself.
    High – reasling that bottle feeding them was ok and that it actually gave me more time to enjoy them properly.
    High – taking them home.
    High – every day ever since.

  7. The commonest cause of again ache is the compression of the vertebrae brought on by the abnormally curved posture adopted throughout pregnancy. In the upright place, many of the strain is supported in the muscle tissue that run alongside your backbone, the erector spinae muscles. This group of muscular tissues is the main source of help in your backbone and acts to hold your backbone in its postural position.

  8. I myself experienced a miscarriage at around 10 weeks on 24th, November, 2012. This is despite an ultrasound test at 8 weeks that showed a normal and health fetus. I bled for around 2 weeks following the miscarriage. I received my normal menstrual period on 27th, December, 2012; approximately 20 days after I stopped bleeding due to miscarriage. I went for a pregnancy test after the period and it was negative. In January, we started trying for the first time to get pregnant and yes, after five weeks I tested positive. I could not be able to express my joy at getting pregnant again after a miscarriage that fast and easy.

  9. I’m currently 22 weeks pregnant with identical twins and my ribs have been sore for weeks. Baby B’s head is snuggled up right in my rib cage and at times the pain feels unbearable – I don’t know how I’m going to make it through until the end. I also have muscle spasms in my back at night.

    I just keep on praying that these babies arrive perfectly healthy and this will be all worth it.

  10. Such a beautiful picture perfect photo of your gorgeous twins. Thank you for sharing your story, and continuing journey with us readers. My daughter is almost 30 weeks pregnant with her boy/girl twins, she has done extremely well and I will be the proudest Nan in the world, as well as the proudest mum in the world of two beautiful daughters (not twins though).
    To all you mums to be, whether one, two or more babies, remember God in your everyday life, He will walk your journey with you every step of the way. Thanks be to God.

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