The Top 10 Worst Reactions To My “It’s Twins” Announcement

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I am 11 weeks pregnant with twins. This isn’t my first pregnancy. In fact, these will be my fourth and fifth babies. Since I’d announced three other pregnancies I foolishly thought this time wouldn’t be any different.

I had no idea that upon hearing “It’s twins” any filter or manners a person may have immediately go out the window. Here are the 10 worst reactions I’ve experienced:

  1. “Better you than me.”

    Why? Do you know something I don’t know?

  2. “I’m sure you’re stoked but I’d die!”

    This was said to me by a nurse practitioner at my pediatrician’s office. Shouldn’t she be easing my nerves? Shouldn’t she have wonderful advice and maybe other twins moms I could talk to? Shouldn’t she stop using the word stoked?

  3. “You’re going to need a new house”

    “You’re going to need a new car”

    Thank you for your concern but do you think that you’re sharing new information? I can assure you that the financial needs of 5 kids were some of my very first thoughts and fears.

  4. “Was this planned?”

    ummmmm… yes? I have always been an overachiever.

  5. “You’re going to HAVE to pump… give formula… get them on the same schedule… hire help.”

    I assume you’re basing this on your vast experience with twins.

  6. “My friend was pregnant with twins but she lost one at ___ weeks”

    Thanks. Like I wasn’t already worried about miscarriage or vanishing twin syndrome.

  7. “Welp, guess we won’t be seeing you next year!”

    Said a teacher at my son’s school. As she’s perusing the buffet I organized for a Valentines treat. No soup for you!

  8. “Maybe NOW you’ll get your girl”

    Because my 3 boys are so terrible?

  9. “Oh! Your poor poor boys”

    Siblings suck. So do big families. WTH?

  10. “You’re going to be HUGE!!!!”

    I know this is true, but I really don’t want to hear about it. Especially from someone wearing a size 0.

Not everyone’s reactions were awful. There are many sweet ones that stay with me when I’m feeling nervous about having 2 babies. The next time someone tells you they are expecting multiples please hug them, tell them they are the perfect mom for their babies, and remind them you’ll be there the whole time.

Elizabeth is expecting twins and is the mom to three amazing boys. She lives in central Texas.

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12 thoughts on “The Top 10 Worst Reactions To My “It’s Twins” Announcement”

  1. My father, his mom was a twin, just laughed for several minutes straight when I told him. He’d pause every 30 seconds or so, catch his breath and then say: I’m sorry, it’s just so funny!

  2. Shortley after we had our twin girls. I was out with them and someone said to me you & your wife had two babys close together, my response was yes 29 minutes. I don’t think it clicked with them. On another outing someone said are they both your, yes I said they are twins, to what they said are you sure!!!!

  3. My mom’s response to the news that I was having twins (after years of infertility and one loss) was: “Well, that’ll cure ya.”

    Thanks, Mom. 😛

  4. While #10 freaked me out when I was pregnant (the horrible phrase of “better you than me”)- I have now come to viewit as the most truthful statement ever! My boys are 3- and when I hear that (which is still ALL the time)- all I can think is “Absolutely, positively 100% yes better me than you- because I think they are the greatest thing ever”!! Good luck- you will do great with them and they are lucky :)

  5. I love this post. It’s true that people need to filter their reactions. Every baby is a blessing. I can’t wait to read about the rest of your journey.

  6. “The next time someone tells you they are expecting multiples please hug them, tell them they are the perfect mom for their babies, and remind them you’ll be there the whole time.” YES YES YES! People can be such assholes sometimes (or all the time!) By the way, you are a great mom and those twins of yours are super lucky to have you.

  7. People should stick to “congratulations!” Or “double congratulations!” Best thing someone said to me: “oh my! Aren’t you twice blessed!” It was so genuine too. Worst thing (besides comments about vanishing twin syndrome, which are the inexcusable): “wow. That’s my worst nightmare.” !!! Congratulations on your beautiful little beans!

  8. I’ve actually found that moms of twins tell me how awesome it will be (also 18 weeks pregnant right now with twins), and it’s the women without children or the ones with singletons who “warn” me, which, to your point, is coming from their “vast” experience with twins, obviously! I shared that I’m pregnant at my work’s board meeting last night that I’m pregnant, and afterward, my boss said, “why didn’t you tell them you’re having twins?” And I didn’t even realize I’d left it out, but I’m guessing I’m just tired of hearing some of the reactions you listed here. This is ridiculous, of course, and we should be allowed to celebrate without editing our news! Shout it from the rooftops! :)

  9. My guys are #6 and 7, so we’re a big family too. And let me tell you, having twins is so different- yet amazing. You’ll love it. I feel so lucky and blessed to get to experience parenting twins.

  10. Hopefully the other 10,000 great comments you will get will make these lame comments harder to remember. I know I got some weird comments too, but in general people are so in awe of twins, the sentiments are very positive. I too enjoy the heartfelt expressions from strangers that tell me I am twice blessed. It is very sweet and very very true. Congratulations!

  11. I’m 29 weeks pregnant with b/g twins and every comment that you mentioned I have been told. Especially by co-workers and like some of the posters said it’s always by someone who does not have children or someone who has never had twins. I wish they would just stick to Congratulations thats so special. This one lady keeps telling me they are going to be born early. I said so basically you’re wishing that my babies are born premature? I’ve got to think of some good comebacks. Thanks for posting!

  12. My favorite one- My brother said “Who in the hell is Tim????” He thought I said “It’s Tim’s (baby)” and my husband’s name is Steve. LOL

    Seriously though, when people say “Better you than me” I always say “I totally agree.” That shuts them up.

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