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You know the saying only a mother can translate what her baby or child is saying? Well I’m embarrassed to say that many times even I don’t understand!

Little Mister and Little Missy are in their terrible twos and while some days are true to the name, most days are full of joy. Every day they say cute things and add new mini-words and sounds to their teeny vocabulary.

One day, Little Missy broke out into a nursery song while we were driving somewhere. The words she was repeating were “Da bah – wa wa wa. Da bah – wa wa wa”. Then both M&M placed a finger to their mouth and said “Shh Shh Shh.” My first thought was, cute! That must be a French nursery song they learned at daycare! (they are in a bilingual environment) Maybe it’s a quiet time song they do before naptime. I made a mental note to ask their daycare provider what that fun song was my kids loved so much.

A few days later, I heard a new variation of the song. This time, both M&M got into it… swaying back and forth singing: “Ma ma – wa wa wa. Mama – wa wa wa” to what sounded like the tune of Sesame Street. Again ending off with “Shh shh shh. Shh shh shh”.

When I finally remembered to ask at their daycare what the song was, imagine my surprise when they told me it was the classic The Wheels On the Bus! That’s a song we sing both at home and at daycare. At home I will do my own variation of it, half in English, half in Urdu. The song M&M were singing was in English… not French or Urdu.

So much for my theories. Next time they sing the song, I’ll join in instead of over-analyzing the words!

What are your childrens’ favourite songs? Do you find yourself humming them in the shower or better yet, while driving by yourself?

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Ambereen is mom to two cute twins Mister and Missy, now with a third baby on the way! She’s Canadian eh, and lives in Canada’s capital with her husband. Between travelling and an active social life, she works full-time in the public sector in IT policy. She enjoys writing short stories interjected with subtle humour about life adventures, sharing recipes, and coming up with fun yet simple activities to do with the kids. After a short hiatus where life got in the way of writing, she is back blogging at 2Cute – Adventures in Twin Parenting. She is looking forward to sharing her experiences here at HDYDI about life with twins + 1. And yes, it’s only one this time!

2 thoughts on “Nursery Song Sing-A-Long”

  1. We love The Wheels on the Bus at our house, too…but probably the favorite tune is B-I-N-G-O. That was the first word the girls learned to spell! 😉 After that, I made up little songs with each of their names…our last name…our cat’s name…and they can “spell” several words now.

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