Here Is Your Membership Card for The Circus.

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I haven’t been able to put some of my thoughts into a more coherent blog post than what will follow.  (I blame fewer and fewer hours of sleep as pregnancy progresses.) But, I just wanted to say I’ve been reflecting on how amazing it is to feel the support of other mothers of multiples while pregnant with twins. It’s truly amazing to share with someone that you’re expecting twins and watch their face light up, share with you about their twins or triplets, give details of their pregnancy and birth or sometimes scare you about the first few months. But without fail, they offer you support. Or, that’s been the case in my situation. Pretty much every mother, and in some cases, fathers, of multiples, that I’ve met, has offered to be available for questions, given us hand-me-downs, or even offered to bring us food once the babies are born. It’s really neat to already be part of a bigger community! Lastly, I couldn’t resist sharing this video a friend sent me. I’m sure most have seen it. But, it provided great comic relief for me! Enjoy!

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