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My daughters had their 6-month dental checkup with the dentist we love. They lost the first of their baby teeth since their last visit, and their adult teeth are coming in quite crooked. That, it turned out, was the least of our problems.

You may recall that I learned, to my dismay, that premature birth can cause dental problems. In my identical daughters M and J, this manifests as enamel hypoplasia, or the lack of adequate enamel on several of their teeth.

J’s 6-year molars have come in. According to the dentist, one of them has 2 little holes in it, surefire locations of future cavities unless we get them treated. I asked whether it was related to the hypoplasia, and our dentist said that it probably was. The shocking part? The holes developed before the tooth ever erupted. The pre-cavity unhappiness started when the tooth was still inside the gum.

Every time I think we’re past the effects of prematurity, another one rears its head.

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  1. How strange! I have that in several if my teeth and I was not a preemie. I never knew what caused it. Also, I still have like 4 of my baby teeth–the permanent ones just don’t exist. Teeth stuff gives me nightmares, and it looks like my daughter is about to get her first two in!

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