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I’m going to start sharing my favourite recent posts here on Mondays. I’ve learned so much from other MoMmy bloggers over the years. I love sharing that parenting and lisfe wisdom with others, so here you have it.

I confess that I have a selfish geeky reason for this. I’m not a huge lover of change, and the demise of Google Reader has sent me to Feedly to keep track of the blogs I like to follow. Where Google Reader was functional and barebones, Feedly is pretty and richly featured. I’ve been too lazy to figure out the features, though, despite wanting to start catching up on my reading. By committing to sharing some favourites, I’m also committing to come by and visit your blogs more often.

In no particular order, here are some posts that I found stuck with me well after I read them.

It’s Twinsanity: Life keeps handing me lemons

Heather is the mother of 7, including 2 sets of twins. She’s an army wife and homeschools her kids. Her life definitely puts my paltry challenges in context. Her post on recent challenges starts with this fantastic paragraph:

I’m getting so sick of lemonade.  Couldn’t life just give me limes instead?  At least then I could make margaritas.

She has renter troubles, car troubles, and a new plagiocephaly diagnosis for her littlest. Despite this all, she manages to maintain her sense of humour.

Ella and Zoë: Adenoids and tonsils

Jeremi is a teacher and the mother of 7-year-old twins Zoë and Ella. Her post detailed, with adorable photos, her daughters’ simultaneous surgeries, in which Zoë had her adenoids removed and Ella had both adenoids and tonsils taken out. Jeremi talked about what the girls went through before their operations, the pain of handing them over the surgical staff and their recovery. I know that if ever my kids need ENT surgery, I’ll be looking back at this post to give myself an idea of what to expect.

Hormonal Imbalances: What a week

Diana is now on moderate bedrest with Baby #4, thanks to a scare. Although she was admitted to the hospital, she didn’t have to stay overnight. Just over a year ago, Diana lost her twin boys 19 weeks into her pregnancy, and had her grief paired with an exceptionally difficult time at the hospital. She writes with an honesty I find engaging. I keep thinking that I’d love to go out for coffee with her one day.

Twin Trials & Triumphs: I haven’t been this excited about a project in a long time!!!

MandyE is so very creative! She is a SAHM to twin daughters A and B and is the Queen of Cute. In this post, she talks about the photobook she’s putting together for her girls, tentatively titled The ABC’s of A & B. I’m super-excited that MandyE will be soon joining us as an author here at HDYDI.

The Amazing Trips: Life is like a little boat upon the lake

Jen is a working mom of triplets plus one. Unlike many other mommy bloggers, her husband Charlie is front and center in the blog in which she shares pieces of her life and perspective. In this post, she talks about some details about her family vacation, cut short by illness. She takes an awesome detour through her husband’s minor traffic incident and makes a fine point about what makes her family so wonderful. They work together.

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