Twinfant Tuesday: A Few Suggestions for Finding Time for Yourself

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I’m preparing a class for new and expecting parents of multiples, so I’ve been thinking about how I managed those first weeks and months.  I thought I’d share some here.

  1. Take a shower.  Not only does it help to feel clean and to dress in something other than pajamas, but you can’t hear your babies over the running water.  In that first year after my girls were born, I switched from baths to showers.
  2. Get out of the house (with your partner, if possible).  Our first trip out after the babies came home was to exchange my nursing tops for the next size up. We were gone maybe 40 minutes.  The next trip was to the Starbucks drive through.  They weren’t long trips, but they were a break from the babies.
  3. Enjoy yourself while breastfeeding. I got the complete DVD set of Star Trek – The Next Generation. During evening breastfeeding, I could count on watching an episode or two.
  4. Keep eating your favourite foods.  If you are breastfeeding, you actually need more calories than you did when pregnant. Ice cream and grilled cheese sandwiches can stay on your menu as you continue to eat for three or more.
  5. Sleep when your babies sleep.  Good advice!  Take naps rather than worrying about house cleaning and meal prep.
  6. Accept help. If someone offers to do laundry, prepare a meal or hold a baby, take them up on it.  At the very least, having some adult conversation is a nice change.Find support.
  7. Connect with other parents of multiples.  Whether you join a local MoMs group or connect online, it is helpful to talk to someone who shares your experiences.

What are your suggestions for looking after yourself?

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4 thoughts on “Twinfant Tuesday: A Few Suggestions for Finding Time for Yourself”

  1. It’s amazing how these little things can be total mood-changers. After a night of no sleep and facing a day of more of the same, I clung to my precious shower as a chance to just mark the end of a cycle and have some time to myself (even if the running water did sound like crying babies). And those trips out of the house were magical! A walk around the block, even.

  2. To the “eating” note…I continued to eat exactly what I wanted for the first 6 weeks or so. I hardly lost any weight, but I could not handle trying to watch my caloric intake AND manage two newborns. (And, as you said, new moms need those calories!) After that time, I started walking…by myself…and it was so therapeutic. I would be waiting by the door when my husband got home, and I’d head out while they were napping. I remember just pounding the pavement through our neighborhood. It kept me sane, for sure!

  3. This is great- and so relevant. Taking a shower each day when my newborns were napping did wonders. I cherished those 15 minutes every day- and still do!

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