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Diana Wrote: Again

http://dianawrote.comDiana Wrote used to be Hormonal Imbalances. I mentioned Diana’s newborn son Kaden’s health challenges in my Monday MoM Blog Picks last month. I’m sorry to report that in Again, Diana writes about the loss of a third son, only 3 weeks old. In a subsequent post, Finding Comfort After Loss, she talks about how there is no right way to grieve, just as there is no right way to parent twins, as Janna wrote about earlier today.

Twiniversity: My Road from PCOS to Twins

http://www.twiniversity.comYes, we get frustrated with the constant question, “Are they natural?” Let’s be honest, though. While some of us are blessed with spontaneous multiples, infertility is a reality in the MoM community. In this post, Michelle Cleary talks about Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) as a reality in her everyday life, not just as a medical condition known to us only in the third person from medical journals. Michelle describes her post best: “I’ll tell you the medical meaning, but then I’m going to tell you my story and how I live with it every day. You’ll see how different the two really are.” Michelle’s girl/boy twins are now 4 years old.

Talk About Twins: What I Want My Boys to Know About Girls

talkabouttwinsChristina Baglivi Tinglof writes at Talk About Twins and is the mother of 3 teenage boys, twins and a singleton. In this post, she jumps into the pool of thoughtful parents responding to Miley Cyrus’ questionable display to discuss how to raise her boys to be good men in today’s world.


What have you read in the blogosphere this week that the HDYDI community should check out?

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