How Adam Sandler Predicted my Twin Pregnancy

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My twins turn one next week. it seems impossible that I just typed those words, but alas,they are true. So instead of waxing nostalgically as I normally would, I thought I’d share a fun story from my preggo days.

Once upon a time, way before I became pregnant and years before my husband and I were even married, I thought I might have twins. My husband has twins on his side of the family. I know, I know, twinning is inherited via the maternal line, well back then I didn’t know that. (That’s the kind of info you usually discover, ironically, once you are already pregnant with twins!)

Fast forward several years, a break up, a cinematic-level reunion complete with whirlwind wedding and an intercontinental move, and I’m a newlywed brainstorming names of hypothetical children. And yes, these lists included names for twins, with multiple options accounting for the different combinations of twins, and even alternate choices. ‘Cause, you know, doesn’t everyone do that?

Jack and Jill
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When I finally did become pregnant, we had just moved to Angola for my husband’s job. We were living out of our suitcases in a hotel, but we did have access to a car and driver, so on the weekends we drove out of town to the big (and only) shopping center/mall. One day on a whim we decided to see a movie, and the only movie playing at that time was the underrated gem Jack and Jill, starring Adam Sandler as Jack and as his twin sister, Jill. I haven’t really appreciated Adam Sandler since the Wedding Singer, but we had time to kill so we went in. My husband hated it. I loved it. But it was one of those kinds of loves that you don’t realize at first. When we left the theater, I was amused. But as I kept thinking about the movie, I would giggle to myself. It was pretty funny, I thought. Cue eye-rolls from the husband.

Right at the end of my first trimester I flew back to the States for my first doctor visit. For my first appointment I saw the physician’s assistant, who reviewed my patient history, gave me some sample prenatal vitamins, and checked for a heartbeat. It took her a while to find it, but she did. In my head there was a tiny voice, saying, “well, I guess it’s not twins, then.” They scheduled me an ultrasound appointment for later that week.

The next day I was getting my hair cut, and the topic turned to twins. My hairdresser’s brother and sister were twins, it turned out. I told her I’d always wanted twins, but can you imagine, I asked her, preparing for one baby and all of a sudden you find out you’re having two?

The day after my haircut I went back to the doctor for my ultrasound. I brought my mom with me, and my husband was still working in Angola. I tried to convince everyone at the practice to let us do the ultrasound during a FaceTime call, but wasn’t allowed that due to HIPAA. The technician started the ultrasound and almost immediately looked over at my mom, then back at me. “It’s good to have moral support,” she said. I felt reassured then quickly wondered why I might need moral support. Could she already tell something was wrong?

“So, how many babies were you expecting to see today?” she asked. Confused, my mom and I kind of chuckled. Ha, ha.

Obviously, there were two in there after all! I was crying and laughing and snorting, and my mom kept hysterically shrieking, “Jack and Jill! Jack and Jill!” (I had made her watch the movie with me…again!)

Project Procrastinot Twins

It’s funny, once I found out I was actually carrying twins, most of the name pairs I had come up with just didn’t sound right. It was real now, and the names I had chosen were for my fantasy children, I guess. Some of them were just too cutesy. In the end, we went with one name from the twin list (my boy–the only boy name my hubby and I agreed on!), and one name that I’d always loved for a girl.

So was it all just a coincidence, or was my inexplicable fondness for the movie trying to prepare me for something? Who’s to say…

Did you have any premonitions that you would have multiples?

Mercedes and her husband are raising their boy/girl twins to be world-wanderers.  They currently make their home in Aberdeen, Scotland.  Mercedes is a stay at home mom, proudly breastfeeds her twins, abandons household chores and eats too much shortbread.  (But they have Belgian chocolate chips!)  She also blogs at Project Procrastinot.

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4 thoughts on “How Adam Sandler Predicted my Twin Pregnancy”

  1. My husband and I joked…”what if we had twins? ha, ha.” We never thought it would actually happen. During our first ultrasound (at 20 weeks) we saw two heads and were quite surprised. That first year is a blur, but we can’t imagine our lives without those two crazy boys. We still get people asking us, How do you do it?! You just do it.

  2. I LOVE it! I had NO clue I was having twins until 18 weeks. I remember one of my best friends growing up always talked about her “future family” and how she was going to have twins. And I laughed at her, saying you can’t plan on having twins! Karma?

    However, my marching band director kept joking with me, every time he saw me at rehearsal (yes, I did marching band in college while pregnant with twins), by asking me “How are the three of you?” and I would respond that my husband was doing fine, and me and the baby were too. So, when I found out I was actually having twins, I ran to his office and told him I was in fact having twins! He didn’t believe me at first! He said he was just teasing me! But, he was right! It was like he knew!

    Although, I do relate with the name planning. My husband and I have talked and joked about names since before we were even engaged! And we shook hands on names for all the possible combinations of triplets (and they are horrible!) so I am just very glad it was only two and not three, because otherwise I might have children named Mario, Luigi, and Peach. Hahahaha!

  3. This is too cute! I cannot imagine not having my hubby there with me for the ultrasound, though! I am glad your mom was with you…and what a phone call that must have been! :) :)

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