From the Archives: How to Afford Twins, Triplets, and More

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Making parenting multiples a little less damaging to your bank balance is a very real challenge. It’s the rare parent-to-be who anticipates planning for more than one baby to show up until after that first ultrasound. The Moms have written on this subject on many occasions, so it’s time for another roundup of posts from the HDYDI archives. Here’s what we’ve said about how to afford twins, triplets, and more!

Cost Concerns
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These posts address general concerns regarding the expenses of raising multiples.

General Approaches to Saving

In these posts, The Moms talk about their approaches to cutting costs.

Curbing Specific Expenses

There are a whole bunch of other areas of your life in which you can find savings. For instance, I save on gas by telecommuting one day a week and filling up at the grocery store pump, where the prices are always lower than at the gas station. We’ve put together a few more targeted saving-related From the Archives posts, specifically on food, diapers, clothes and gear and childcare.

Here are some other specific saving ideas from The Moms.

What expenses would you like advice on cutting?

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2 thoughts on “From the Archives: How to Afford Twins, Triplets, and More”

  1. There are some gems in there! I love all the posts about how expensive twins are especially! It is tough finding that perfect balance and knowing how to cost cuts and save up.

    Thanks Sadia for rounding these up!

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