Mothers More Fatigued than Dads…

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Ever feel exhausted? Mentally drained ring a bell? This is how I feel these days.


Why, you ask?

Because I’m a mom.

I’m a mom to two very active, 100mph, hysterical, wouldn’t-trade-them-for-the-world four year old boys.

Sometimes I feel like the only people truly capable of totally understanding this can’t-shut—my-brain-off-even-when-I’m-sleeping feeling are other mothers. It’s a little extra bonus gift we get with those stretch marks, I guess. I swear, I wake up tired from all the thinking I get accomplished during the night.

My husband loves reading the news. (How does he even find the time?) He came across this article in the Washington Post yesterday that pretty much sums up what we (us moms) already know all too well.

Mothers More Fatigued than Dads… – Washington Post

I guess I just found some comfort is seeing it in writing (a fancy, schmancy “report”, no less!) and knowing that I’m not the only mother feeling this way. Nothing is more reassuring than knowing what you are feeling is not indigenous to you and you alone. Support in numbers, right?

Take a moment to read through the article and share with fellow moms who you know are experiencing the same exhaustion and mental fatigue. Even moms that may appear to have it all together have rough patches here and there, and that’s PERFECTLY NORMAL! Moms get worn out. Thanks to the aforementioned report, this is now a scientific fact! (Take that, naysayers!)

As important as it is to support our fellow moms, it’s even more important to share this concept with those who might not realize the amount of work that goes into being a mom. It’s something that we cannot turn off. We can’t, and we don’t want to. It’s all part of being a wonderful, amazing, superhero mom.

Margie P. is mom to fraternal four-year-old, redheaded boys, and the voice behind Double the Giggles.

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Margie is happily married and the proud momma of fraternal, red-headed twins Wesley and Andrew.  She has her Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Science and went from a full-time to part-time federal worker when her boys were born in 2009. Margie is an active member of her local Mothers of Multiples organization and finds that the friendships she's made with other moms of multiples have been a huge support thoughout the "twinsanity" of life.  When she's not completely exhausted, Margie forces herself to go for runs and tries to eat healthy.  She loves Christmas and anything chocolate, and she enjoys the outdoors, cooking, being crafty and snuggling on the couch with her family and 3 dogs.  Margie is the author of Double the Giggles.

One thought on “Mothers More Fatigued than Dads…”

  1. I love this post, most of all your great attitude. Yes, I’m exhausted, and no, I don’t want to get more rest if it means less time with my kids!

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