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Make-It Mondays: Introduction

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Welcome to our first post in our new series “Make-It Mondays!”

Make It Mondays Button HDYDI

Each Monday, we will have tutorials for craft projects. Some of the projects will be for your peanuts, some will be to do with them, and some will just be other cute tutorials. They will be at varying levels of skills and with different mediums (sewing, glue guns, paper crafts, and many others), so we encourage you to ask questions by writing in the comments.

Have a request for us to feature a specific kind of project? Make sure to let us know as well! In addition, if you have found an online tutorial like one of the ones that we have, make sure to post a link in the comments as well. There are many different ways to do projects and get similar outcomes. I have found that some methods work better than others, so let’s share as much as we can to make it easier on us crafty (or not-so crafty) MOMs!

Today, we aren’t going to actually have a specific tutorial, since there are so many other great posts from today. We just wanted you to know that this is coming up. So leave a comment with your requests for tutorials!

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Dory is a teacher-turned-SAHM to her fraternal twins Audrey and David. She also writes for her blog Doyle Dispatch, is an editor with The Wise Baby, and is a Young Living Essential Oil distributor and educator with her Healthier Oil the Thyme team.

3 thoughts on “Make-It Mondays: Introduction”

  1. I’ve got one I need help with! What can I do to help keep my kids from spilling all their art, writing and crafting supplies across their desks? I’ve tried bins and folders and boxes and post-its and you name it. They end up doing their homework at the dining table because there isn’t a scrap of usable space on their desks!

    1. Sadia, I have some ideas for kid-friendly work stations. Although we won’t be needing this for quite a while, I’ve started thinking of how to keep them organized vertically, instead of horizontally (spilled on the desk). I’ll work on a post with some ideas!

  2. Oh man! While I was pregnant with my twins I picked up some sewing. Made a couple blankets, some pants for my toddler, but then pretty much got tired and lost steam. Of course, after they were born and now back at work, I haven’t touched my sewing machine.

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