Three Pictures you *MUST* Take of Your Twin Babies

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When I was pregnant with my twin boys I got a slew of helpful and practical advice (“Eat tons of protein and calcium” “Freeze meals now” “Lay on your left side and drink water” “Wait until your husband is home from work to take a bath, so he can help you out of the tub”) but one thing I really appreciated and hadn’t thought of was the advice from a 30-year- old male friend who is an identical twin and a professional photographer. He told me to make sure to get these three pictures of our infant twins –

  1. Pictures of the boys in Thing 1 & Thing 2 onesies (blue wig optional).

    Thing 1 and 2 I love Dr. Seuss (doesn’t everyone?) and he perfectly described twins (at least my twins) when he wrote the Thing 1 & Thing 2 characters. Loud, small beings who look alike and show up unexpectedly and completely destroy your house? Yep, that’s my boys! A friend with a twin niece and nephew gave me these onesies as a gift, but they are available in many sizes/styles and I recommend getting some for your babies if no one gifts them to you.
    Dr Seuss Babies

  2. Pictures of the boys swinging together in an infant swing.

    Two babies One Swing I love this adorable picture of my happy, smiling boys (because every time I put them in the swing, they were instantly happy and smiling). And even more than the picture, I love that twin babies fit perfectly in one infant swing. I had never seen this before and if he hadn’t told me about it, I might not have realized this excellent playground containment device for twin babies.

  3. Pictures by themselves.

    This is perhaps the most important picture to take. My friend loves having an identical twin brother and he cherishes all the cute pictures of them together growing up. However, his parents didn’t even get one picture of him without his twin included. When he was asked to bring in a baby picture for Kindergarten star of the day, he had to use one with both babies. Then later in life, when his fiancée wanted to use baby pictures in their wedding, he again only had the pictures of both babies. This isn’t something that I would have thought about while I was recovering from a twin birth and just trying to keep both babies fed, clean and swaddled but I’m glad he mentioned it, so I could be sure to get a few newborn photos of each baby individually. And I’ve continued to take both twin and individual pictures at major milestones throughout their five years.

Janna Holm lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband, dog and five-year-old identical twin boys.

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Janna lives in Portland, Oregon with a lazy border collie named Cru, her husband and 5 year-old, identical twin boys born at 38 weeks, each weighing over 7 pounds. She works from home as a writer and editor and loves outdoor adventures, holidays, simple living and old historic buildings. She counts list making as a favorite hobby and fully believes the Lochness Monster is real.

6 thoughts on “Three Pictures you *MUST* Take of Your Twin Babies”

  1. We have our boys in One Fish Two Fish onesies and of course the two babies in one swing! :) Also among my favorite “twin” photos are when they would hold hands in the crib or stroller around 4-5 months old. They still hold hands often at almost-4, and it kills me with cuteness every time.

  2. I read the first part of the post and thought to myself, “If she doesn’t mention two babies in a bucket swing, I’ll have to say something.” Ha! Great points! I think it’s much easier for us to get individual photos these days when making a photo doesn’t involve dropping off film for development and is a daily affair rather than saved for special occasions.

  3. YES! Love the holding hand pics!

    Sadia – My friend with twins never knew to put her boys in one infant swing until they were too big :( She’s super disappointed she didn’t get that pic…

  4. Never thought to do the double bucket swing thing. Genius! My boys would get stuck now, but wish I had thought of that about three and a half years ago!

  5. We didn’t do the thing 1 and 2 but we’ve got a few years of the shared swing pictures. I also love them sleeping and holding hands. What great ideas.

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