Foodie Friday: What’s in Your Snack Pack?

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I have mixed feelings on letting my kids snack between meals. I firmly believe they eat their meals 100% better when I limit snacking.  On low snack days, I notice less food pushed aside on their plates and less food thrown to the floor.  However, there are MANY times when we are out and about that I succumb to letting my boys graze on whatever snacks I have in my bag because they are hungry, and let’s face it, it makes errands somewhat easier. Here are my preferred packables:

  • Pouches: I love to use these refillable pouches and load them up with yogurt or homemade apples sauce. These little guys are always with me and if we do not use them when we are out, I let the kids eat them along with lunch or dinner.  http://  
  • Bananas: they are nature’s power bar. Filling and self-contained, they are a must when I leave the house.
  • Apples. Starting at 9 months old, we let the boys gnaw on whole apples. One year latter, they still love the novelty of being handed a whole apple to munch on. (tip: The apple stand at our local farmers market sells “lunch box apples”. They are small and easy to grip and not as wasteful as handing them a conventional apple).
  • Crackers: Usually Annie’s organic bunnies or butter crackers.
  • That’s It bars. They are made from just fruit and nothing else. Though they are not organic, I still buy them because the ingredient list is simple and they are super convenient to pack.  http://

What do you travel with?

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Carrie, mother to 18 month old twin boys, has presently traded a lab coat for mom jeans to be a SAHM. As a research scientist, Carrie was used to problem solving and troubleshooting small tasks while keeping big picture goals in sight. As a mom, she has found her job to be quite similar. While repeating the mantras “don’t sweat the small stuff” and “this too shall pass”, Carrie and her husband managed to survive the first year as twin parents. As this second year progresses, Carrie is enjoying the small freedoms and enjoyable moments that come with toddlerhood. Carrie and her family (including dogs and cats) live in the Bay Area and enjoy good weather, good produce and good times. Carrie enjoys documenting life as a twin mom with the hopes that her stories and insights will make other peoples journey just a touch easier.

3 thoughts on “Foodie Friday: What’s in Your Snack Pack?”

  1. My girls are older — now 4 1/2 — and our go-to snack is raw almonds. Our girls have been eating nuts since they were probably three, and I love how well they travel. Just today I found myself without lunch, so I dug out a baggie of almonds from my purse and managed to make it through our grocery shopping. :)

  2. My girls will eat almost anything I put in their snackcups- I put in raw brocolli/ cauliflower/ raw almonds/ dried fruit/ whole wheat pasta etc. Also goose berries, blueberries! Bananas are also great!

  3. Our little ones are just over a year old. Our diaper bag is never without a canister of veggie straws. We get them in bulk at CostCo, though they can be found in most grocery stores. They are awesome because little hands can easily hold them, they are crunchy which helps in this uncomfortable teething time and adults love them too. So it’s a win all the way around.

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