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Leading the Double Life: It’s All About the Bumpers, Baby!

leadingthedoublelifeJessica Groff is mom to gorgeous twinfant girls, Emma and Jane. In this post, she seeks advice from the momosphere on whether to accept her wiggly girls’ bumps to the noggin or run the suffocation risk that comes with crib bumpers. Stop by her blog and weigh in.

4tunate: When Strangers Lose Their Filter

Quatromama (Jen) is the mom of 6-year-old quadruplet boys, two of whom are identical. In this post she talks about how it really feels when strangers make thoughtless comments about our families, within our earshot. This particular gem was, “I’d shoot myself.” Classy, right?

Perfectly Peyton: Remembering Two Angels has created a new blog to document the life of her surviving triplet, Peyton. In fact, our very own Angela Bickford designed and set it up. Nice, isn’t it? Stacey gave birth to her micropreemie triplets, boy Parker and identical girls, Abby and Peyton. Abby passed away soon after birth, but Parker held on for nearly two months before joining her. Peyton beat the odds and will soon be released from the NICU after 16 weeks, right around her due date. In this post, Stacey tells us how Peyton is doing and how a local Walk To Remember helped her honour her angel babies.

Texas Tales: Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

4fortunateAmber is the mom of b/b/g/g 1-year-old quadruplets. (I mentioned another post by her earlier this month.) In honour of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day, she shares her loss story. The quadruplets had another multiple who didn’t survive through the pregnancy, and Amber had two miscarriages before that. I think Amber’s perspective perfectly illustrates how important it is to honour how parents view their angel babies and surviving children. To her, her kids are quadruplets, not surviving quintuplets, unlike Angela or Stacey who consider their children to be surviving triplets, not twins or a singleton. Her words are heavy with both pain and a sense of community.

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