Surviving the 1 Hour Gestational Diabetes Test

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Surviving the 1 Hour Gestational Diabetes Test -

About 3 years before I got pregnant, my biggest fear about pregnancy was getting my blood drawn each month when I went in for my appointments. Then I actually had my blood drawn for the first time, second time, third time, and many times after, and I got over that fear.

About 2 years before I got pregnant, my biggest fear about pregnancy was actually going through the pain of labor. Then I realized that I would just get an epidural, and I got over that fear.

About a year before I got pregnant, my biggest fear about pregnancy was the weird feeling of having something live and grow and move inside you. I got over that the first time I felt my babies move.

For the first and second trimester, my biggest fear about pregnancy was the gestational diabetes test. I wasn’t worried about the icky-tasting liquid. I wasn’t worried about getting the blood drawn afterwards. I wasn’t worried about having to alter my diet if I actually had gestational diabetes. I was worried about the hour (or 3 hours) of feeling really nauseous, not having anything to eat or drink to help the nausea, and being stuck at the doctor’s office while feeling so sick.

Well, I finally got over that fear… but only AFTER taking the 1-hour test last week.

Yes, I waited a while to take the test, until I was 30 weeks along. I got the prescription to take the test when I was 28 weeks, but I was not feeling well that week at all, so I decided not to take the test when I was already nauseous. During the 29th week, I was running around like crazy, getting ready for my brother-in-law’s wedding later that week. I wasn’t going to rush to fit this in as well. So, finally, I had time at 30 weeks to take it.

Thankfully, my OB did not require me to fast before this one, although I did get recommendations from other twin moms that it was easier on my body to fast first. I opted, instead, to have a light breakfast of toast and a little bit of spray butter. I usually feel really sick if I don’t eat normally, and I didn’t want to tempt fate.

Before leaving my house, I gave my babies a little pep talk: “Ok, Baby Boy and Baby Girl. We are going to rock this test! We are going to pass with a great score so we don’t have to take the 3-hour test!”

So, I went in at 9:00 to start my test. Instead of going directly to the local lab, I decided to go to my general practitioner’s office (different than my OB), because I knew that if I got really nauseous, they had already told me that I would be able to lie down in one of the rooms.

When I went back to the lab, I checked with the phlebotomist to be sure that it was still okay if I waited in a room during my hour. She looked at me with wide eyes and told me that sadly all of the rooms were busy today, so I would have to wait in the waiting room. I realized that I needed to just get this test out of the way, so I decided to take my chances and go ahead sans room.

She handed me my drink: a cold and flat orange-soda looking substance in a bottle a little larger than a small-size bottle of water. She told me that I had 5 minutes to drink it, but I should try to take the whole 5 minutes. If I gulped it, I would probably get sick.

So, I held my nose with one hand (to help not to taste how sweet it actually was) and drank with the other. When I was about 3/4 of the way done, she told me that I still had 2 minutes to go. Wow! I could slow down. Great news!

I finished the last little bit in about 1.5 minutes, and she told me that I was free to go to the lab waiting room. I would have to stay inside the office the whole time, however, as they needed to keep an eye on me (standard procedure). Thankfully, I had lots of magazines, a book, my iPad, and my phone, so I was ready to go.

Then, I got out to the waiting room, and I realized how warm it was. I actually had noticed this when I first came inside, whether it was pregnancy heat, the warmth of the office itself, my nerves, or a combination. Add the sugary drink that I just inhaled, and I felt really, really hot. I went to the bathroom and grabbed a paper towel, wet it down, and put it on my neck. That helped, but it was still so hot and uncomfortable. Why did I wear my cute sweater, undershirt, and leggings today? I should have worn shorts, despite it being 65 degrees outside today! Arg!

I must have looked very uncomfortable and pitiful, because a nurse came by about 10 minutes into my wait and told me that she had found a room that was being unused and I was welcome to wait there on the bed. It turns out that they had heard about the woman that was pregnant with twins, and they wanted to help me however they could. Aw! Don’t you love nice people?!

Once I got to the room, I felt much better. Maybe it was because I could take my shoes off and lie down on my side. Maybe it was that I didn’t feel like everyone was watching me. Maybe it was that I could close my eyes for a bit. Whatever it was, I was able to get through that hour.

With about 5 minutes to spare, I went to the bathroom and made my way back to the lab. The phlebotomist caught me in the hall and asked if, since she had to get 3 vials, did I want to go to the room again and get them while lying down? Absolutely! Yes!

The three vials actually came very quickly, and she put a bandage on me and sent me on my way with a “Good luck!”

Now I just had to wait.

I only had to wait 2 days until I got the call that I had passed! No need to take the 3-hour test. I was gestational diabetes free! I joked with my nurse that I was actually more afraid of that 3-hour test than labor itself. I will tell you a secret though… that’s no joke. I hate the feeling of being nauseous and on display. That’s probably why my first trimester was so dreadful and uncomfortable- I was still teaching 25 kiddos, facing all their parents, while feeling like I needed to run to the bathroom any minute. Give me the pains of labor any day (she says now, before actually experiencing it).

*This post originally appeared on Dory’s blog “Doyle Dispatch.” To read more posts about Dory’s pregnancy and nursery decorating on her blog, you can see the list here.*

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  1. The girls’ dad got a little green when they drew my blood, so I learned to send him out of the room for that part of my visits!

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