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My boys have reached the age where they are old enough to become my sous chefs. (Okay, more realistically, we have reached the age where I feel comfortable with them being in the kitchen and being more help than trouble). It’s been fun thinking of easy to make recipes that can double as nutritious and appealing snack options. I love making these “energy balls” because they are clean and easy to put together. I also love when my boys ask for this snack, they yell “Energy!”. It’s adorable.

20131119_161733(1)Here is how we make them:
Into your food processor add two handfuls of pitted dates.
Pulse 5-10 times until the dates are broken apart.
To the dates, add

1 cup of roasted sunflower seeds
1 cup of roasted pepitas
1/2 cup dried cranberries
Process until the mass starts to stick together. If you find that the dough still looks kind of grainy after 2 minutes of processing, add another handful of dates and process again.

Roll into appropriate serving size bites and enjoy!

20131119_161603These energy balls are easy to modify to your family’s tastes. We have nut allergies in our family so I use seeds but you can easily use various kinds of nuts.  In addition, you can substitute any dried fruit you have on hand (dried cherries and blueberries are particularly yummy). Last, I have found that toasting the seeds makes these snack balls extra delicious

For myself, I like to add cocoa to cut the sweetness of the dates. My boys helped me make this “mommy” variety as well and when the final product was revealed they proudly yelled “DIRT”. Yes boys, we made dirt, yummy dirt!


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One thought on “Foodie Friday: Energy Balls”

  1. I have seen several versions of these on Pinterest. Glad to know they’re a hit.

    I feel like we do a great job with “real” food at meals, but I struggle sometimes for snacks. It’s easy to open up the graham crackers, but I hate the thought of so much processed food. These look like a great alternative. Thanks for sharing! :)

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