Why There Are Pickles in My Tea: Introduction to Beth

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I am thrilled to be a new member of HDYDI, but I wonder if I should confess to you all now that I am a fraud, or should I just let you figure it out for yourself?  Decisions, decisions.

I spent some time before writing this reading through other posts and I have to say that the amazing women on this blog really know their stuff!  They are fabulous mothers and I have no clue how they do it (no pun intended). And I am beyond jealous of them!  Because I am not so sure that I know how to do this….  The other night when we had an extra 90 minutes of screaming and melt downs, I realized just how little I do know.

Emily, is 4 (or as she puts it, “4 and 3 quarters, for real”), and the twins (aka troublematic or kidlets) are 17 and a half months. Fractions are obviously a part of our preschool world.

The twins were a huge surprise.  A knock-me-out-of-my-socks (or stirrups I guess) kind of surprise. But the bigger surprise has been them, as people–their distinct personalities. Emily is a fabulous big sister. She makes this easier. She makes this doable. But I am constantly having to remind myself that she is only 4 (and 3 quarters), or risk asking way too much of her.

The twins, Spencer and Sidney, are really funny.  Sidney is incredibly headstrong, determined, and once she knows you, sweet.  Until she knows you, she will stare you down with a look of doom, barely blinking, while she decides whether or not she approves of you. If so, you are in for a world of hugs, smiles, and kisses. If not, just leave now. Give up; it is not going to happen.  You can just imagine her face on picture day at daycare.

Spencer is my cuddle bug. He loves to read and his favorite reading spot is in my lap. He wants to play with whatever his sisters have. He is a tease already. He is currently debating the wisdom of learning to walk, but until them, he loves to have crawling races. Unfortunately, as his sisters are both walkers, he rarely wins. Potentially a good life lesson for a boy with 2 sisters?

When Emily was younger, her favorite book was Pickles in My Soup.  We would read it every night without fail.  She has tried to read it to the kids, but they are not ready yet.  Every time I get stressed now (or crazed, or on edge), Emily tells me I need tea.  Her homemade (imaginary) tea often has my beloved lemon, and just as often has pickles in it. The other night during the 90 minute scream-fest, there was not enough tea in the world to fix things!  But that is the beauty of twins (or of kids I guess). Every morning is a new chance to start over.  And every morning starts with hugs. Thank goodness for the hugs, and for tea.

Beth is known as mommy by a 4 year old and boy-girl 17 month old twins.  She blogs about life, kids, and DIY, at Pickles in my Tea and in my Soup.

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Beth was happily raising her now 4 year old daughter and planning for one more, when the doctor said that he saw 2 good sacs. Her boy girl twins we born at 35 weeks - he naturally, easily, after 4 pushes. His drama queen sister turned transverse and then her placenta separated, leading to her delivery by c-section (with Beth under general anesthesia). Thanks to post delivery eclampsia, Beth met her twins when they were 26 hours old. Now those days are just a memory and the twins are crazy and funny. Crawling all over the house chasing big sister, reading books, knocking over towers and cuddling are favorite activities. Beth's challenge is to balance a preschooler, 1 year old twins, her DIY obsession, and a full time job as a college professor, while finding time to occasionally vacuum to feed her OCD side. Beth blogs at Pickles in my Tea and in my Soup.

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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome!
    We are going on 3 nights of Spencer refusing to sleep, I am thinking an exorcism? Sigh. It is just good to know that I am not the only one without a clue here

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