Toddler Thursday: Hard-Wired for Grace

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So many of the lovely MoM’s here will write from a place further down the road when covering Toddler Thursdays! This has been a rough few weeks, adjusting to Zoe hitting TWO (yes, that loudly)! And somehow, because we adopted from foster care, it’s like I think I must get it perfect for them. Not sure what that is, but I look forward to reading those posts written from down the road a ways.

Because, from where I stand, this is all I’ve got! Bottom line? Grace.

Kids are hardwired with grace in their hearts and it is a good thing. Because I have yet to listen to a single mama out there who did not lose their cool at some point with their toddler. Make it TWO toddlers, both two years old and well… it’s a done deal! We’ve all had those moments. My greatest comfort is in knowing that my children and I will wake up tomorrow to a new day. We all get another chance at this.

This last week I saw a video posted on Facebook. It started with a bunch of moms talking about how they feel about themselves as a parent. Then they came back to watch videos of their kids saying what they think about them when asked to describe mom. Aw, heck. I’ll just show it to ya…

So, now that we are all crying (again), here is what I have to offer you: It’s ok.

If you mess up, just get up. The very fact that you worry so much about whether you have enough patience with them, or whether you can do this at all is because you love them, desperately! That is worth holding close to your heart.

Try to breathe in the NOW. Be. here. now. Don’t get stuck in regret over yesterday (or ten minutes ago). If you need to apologize, do so. But, then move on.

If you need to work on a particular area of self-care, or self-discipline, do so. For example, I take making sure that I get quiet time each day before getting my little ones up very seriously. I owe it to them and to myself to make sure that I prepare for our day!

Accept the grace they offer to you. Offer the same to them. Pour that grace into the moments you have left for today. As they say, time is our currency. The thing is, as moms, we are spending our time and theirs. Let’s not blow it all on regret. If we do, we miss out on truly *seeing* the moments like this one:

Early Winter 2012-3354-2

Our kids are hardwired with grace in their hearts for us. That grace means you can start over tomorrow.

It’s ok.

Where have you seen grace slip in? What do you do to take care of yourself so you can take better care of your family?

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Jeanene (and her husband Kelly) are raising a “second set” of kids together. They have six children by birth between them, ages 17 to nearly 30 (his two daughters, her four sons) and are now parenting boy/girl “functional” twins, Isaiah and Zoe. Isaiah was 4 months old when Zoe was born. Both kids came home as newborns in 2011, and were adopted from foster care on National Adoption Day, November 17, 2012! She shares the perspective of raising multiples through adoption. She also speaks from the position of raising kids as "older parents," something that Jeanene and her hubby have found is becoming a more and more common experience. Jeanene is a passionate landscape, wedding, and portrait photographer, but has put the business side of photography on hold to focus on the special needs of her kiddos as a SAHM. Her days are now spent in a mixture of play, occupational therapy, and everyday life with two year olds running around. Think messy! When she has time, she enjoys casual photography, hiking, fly fishing, hunting, reading, writing and working researching the best ways to meet the needs of her sensory challenged kiddos! She blogs about foster parenting, adoption, and life with two toddlers at

2 thoughts on “Toddler Thursday: Hard-Wired for Grace”

  1. I am so with you on getting up before the kiddos. Yes, another hour of sleep would be great, but I **NEED** a little time before The Crazy ensues. I get my “me” time to start the day, and I’m then ready to go when the girls are.

    And yes, thank Heaven for grace. My kiddos show it to me every day. That’s one of the many things that makes us better people as parents.

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