Foodie Friday: Christmas Ornament Cupcakes

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My daughters just called me from Seattle to tell me that they’re about to go outside to make a snowman. They’ve clearly gotten over their disappointment at missing pajama day at school and their classroom Christmas party.

Despite J and M not attending their party, I promised their teacher that I would bring in cupcakes. The myriad excuses to play with edible art may be my favourite thing about winter. I usually stick to cookies during the holidays, cookie cutters and royal icing allowing for great flights of imagination, but cupcakes seemed like a fun canvas to work on.

I was inspired by this Duncan Hines/Hello Cupcake idea to try my hand at decorating cupcakes to look like Christmas ornaments. My girls would have loved this project. We may have to repeat it when they’re home. For younger children, I’d recommend prepping the Christmas ornament cupcakes through the step of attaching the “ornament top” before letting your kids loose with candy toppings. I think my 7-year-olds would have happily jumped in at the step of dipping the cupcakes in the coloured sugar. Spreading icing is still frustrating for them, since cupcakes tops need a delicate touch.


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