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The paint is peeling, the floors are dirty, the bathroom needs cleaning in the worst way… and I am living my dreams tonight.

The steps need swept and the dishes need washed, there is laundry piled high… and I am living my dreams tonight.

Diapers need changing and noses wiped, my sweetheart leaves crumbs on the table and something smells not quite right… and I am living my dreams tonight.

New Years Eve 2013-Michelsen Home

There is a fire in the hearth and a tree lit with abandon. Dogs littering the floor, and piles of “things” that need organizing. Squealing toddlers fight over a cherished toy… and I am living my dreams tonight.

I don’t always remember, but right here in this moment, I am so aware…

I am living my dreams tonight.

Happy New Year, folks. Let’s remember that we are already blessed!

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Jeanene (and her husband Kelly) are raising a “second set” of kids together. They have six children by birth between them, ages 17 to nearly 30 (his two daughters, her four sons) and are now parenting boy/girl “functional” twins, Isaiah and Zoe. Isaiah was 4 months old when Zoe was born. Both kids came home as newborns in 2011, and were adopted from foster care on National Adoption Day, November 17, 2012! She shares the perspective of raising multiples through adoption. She also speaks from the position of raising kids as "older parents," something that Jeanene and her hubby have found is becoming a more and more common experience. Jeanene is a passionate landscape, wedding, and portrait photographer, but has put the business side of photography on hold to focus on the special needs of her kiddos as a SAHM. Her days are now spent in a mixture of play, occupational therapy, and everyday life with two year olds running around. Think messy! When she has time, she enjoys casual photography, hiking, fly fishing, hunting, reading, writing and working researching the best ways to meet the needs of her sensory challenged kiddos! She blogs about foster parenting, adoption, and life with two toddlers at www.amiraculousmess.com.

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