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Toddler Thursday: 10 Reasons My Toddlers Drive Me to Eat Cupcakes

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Some moms drink wine. Some exercise. Me? I eat cupcakes.

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I blame it (mostly) on my toddlers, although, I’ve been a stress-eater for most of my life. It just sounds better to explain it away as the stress of raising preemies/multiples/NICU babies/surviving triplets/high ongoing need babies…

Than to admit I have a problem.

So, let’s just go with it, okay?

Here are 10 Reasons My Toddlers Drive Me to Eat Cupcakesand why you’re probably doing something similar to cope. Cause we all know this ain’t easy.

  1. It’s hard. Yes, you’ve heard it too. The lie of ‘the first year is the hardest’. WRONG. The first year is a breeze; partly because you’re half-asleep through it all and partly because at least they’re semi-containable and they sleep a lot.
  2. They move. Fast. In opposite directions. Even with only one that walks (the other is almost there, but still crawling), they still get away from me.

    Look mom, I snuck out the doggie door when you weren't looking!
    Look mom, I snuck out the doggie door when you weren’t looking!
  3. They can reach all the things they aren’t supposed to have. No matter how many times or where you move it. They will find it.
  4. They know how to give you the evil-eye. My son is particularly good at this. It’s his favorite way to disagree with me.

    I told you I don't want chicken Mommy!
    I told you I don’t want chicken Mommy!
  5. They think making you mad is funny. And they do that exact button-pushing thing over and over again just to get a rise out of you. (I eat an extra cupcake every time I realize this isn’t going to get any better…).
  6. They’ve developed stalling tactics. Just when you’ve gotten a good sleeping routine going, they have now figured out how to stall. Or get your attention by crying loudly every time you start walking them to their room. If you’ve got an easy-thrower-upper, this is not cute at all. (Wait, it’s never cute, never mind.)

    But, I don't want to go to bed!
    But, I don’t want to go to bed!
  7. They have learned their opposites. They may not know many words, or many colors, or animal sounds, but they sure know what opposites are. It’s the thing they do every time you want them to do something else.
  8. They’ve begun to lose their hearing. This goes hand in hand with pretty much all the above reasons. They’ll look right through you like you weren’t even speaking or completely ignore you like you’re yesterday’s news.

    Yep, I'm just pretending to listen. Mmmhmmm. Okay, mom, whatever you say.
    Yep, I’m just pretending to listen. Mmmhmmm. Okay, mom, whatever you say.
  9. Their little sun-shiny personalities are in full-force. Most of the time, they really are sun-shiny, but when they aren’t, they really aren’t. And they know how to throw a mean tantrum. (And this just makes me waste cupcake, because it causes me to spit some out from laughing so hard at their little show…).
  10. They are independent, except when you actually want them to be. Oh, they’ll help you with things and be all nice and stuff, until you actually need their cooperation, and then it’s like a war zone.

What about you? How do YOU do it – handle the toddler years? Share with us below some of your tips and tricks (even if one of them is that you secretly eat cupcakes in the pantry when no one is looking, just to stay sane).

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Angela is a stay-at-home mom raising surviving triplets. She lost her first-born triplet, Carter, after 49 days, and her survivors, B & T, keep her pretty busy with their ongoing needs as a result of their prematurity. She manages to find time for her business and personal blog ( Her tagline ‘Mom of Triplets. Lost One. Survived & Sharing’ is her goal in blogging and she aims to share with others that it’s possible to survive after loss. She and her husband live in the Houston, TX suburb of Cypress. She also blogs at Thirty-One:10.

9 thoughts on “Toddler Thursday: 10 Reasons My Toddlers Drive Me to Eat Cupcakes”

  1. In some ways, I am embarrassed to say that we kept our girls “gated” until they were three. We had a very open floor plan, and I just didn’t feel like I could keep my sanity without having them where I could see them. They are our only two, so we didn’t have to worry about other kiddos (and our cats could jump over the gate easily). We had a really big den, and all the girls’ toys were there. That’s where we spent the majority of our time, and when I was in the kitchen, I could see every move they made.

    That’s what kept me sane, for sure. And I think I’d do it again the same way if I could rewind. The girls are now five, and their gated growing up hasn’t seemed to have negatively affected them. 😉

    When we did release the crackens, they were old enough to understand consequences, which was huge in keeping order in our little world.

    (And having the girls gated meant that I could more easily sneak some chocolate!)

    Love your list!

  2. SAHM to twin toddler boys chiming in to say that I am not handling it very gracefully. Since my stress reaction is to flee, I’m in a bit of a bind. My madeleine consumption has gone up, but then so has the ratio of yelling to not-yelling. I’m not proud of it, but there it is. I’m actually thinking of going back to work (fleeing, anyone?).

    1. I’m sure you’re doing just fine! Trust me, we all have our moments, and everyone handles them differently. I know a lot of moms that are ‘fleeing’ moms – I actually get there on bad enough days and as soon as my hubby gets home, I dart into the bedroom for some peace & quiet. I will also say that there are some moms who are better as working moms because they have that time away and the time they do spend with their kids is that much better. It’s not wrong, just one way vs. another. :)

    2. I think that there are some of us who are just better parents when we work outside the home. Time at work is a break from the kids. Time with kids is a break from work. I’m certainly one of them. Best of luck!!

  3. My go to escape is reading which is really hard to do with 4 year old twins and a five year old. Whenever I can’t take it anymore I take a Mommy time out and escape to my bedroom for 15 minutes of closed eye meditation. I’ve been a stress eater all my life but find I can’t do it around my kids as they immediately run to me and start begging for a treat which kind of defeats the whole purpose. However you look at it being a mom is hard and a mom to more is harder. (I’ve said “stop fighting” three times since I started typing this.) I say if it helps you cope and isn’t illegal or dangerous, go for it!

    1. I agree! I’m not hurting anyone with my bad habit (except my arteries and waistline, but hey…) and if it helps me get through the day, I say it’s okay! Glad you find time to read – not so much over here.

  4. Exactly….hahaha so true. Now I want a cupcake.

    The first one is so true. I think everything about the twins is the hardest until it’s behind us.

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