25 Things I Love About Being Your Mama

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I was preparing for my toddler Thursday post coming up in a few weeks, and I ran across this post on my (ancient) blog, from when my twins were 2.  It brought me to tears, because the last few days have been especially hard.  Lately my 1st graders have tested my resiliency and patience with one too many arguments, one too many talk-backs, one too many door slams.

I’m so glad I came across this post, 5 years later.  Sometimes I need to be reminded that even when parenting is HARD, there is nothing I’d rather be than a mom.

Things I love about being your mama. Keep a list like this on hand for the rough days!


  1. When you sit down on the couch and pat the seat next to you in a gesture to your brother to come join you.
  2. Your 100% confidence in me when standing at a high ledge and then jumping into my arms.
  3. When you look at one another out of the corner of your eye and giggle. I know it usually means there’s something sneaky about to happen, but it’s still cute.
  4. I love our new routine of waving ‘good-bye’ at the front window. Although I know the good-byes are sometimes hard for you, you also seem so eager to give me a good send off into my work day. That means so much.
  5. When you teach me new ways to creatively play with the most simple object.
  6. When we dance and sing together in the basement.
  7. I love that you often talk and coo and sing yourselves to sleep.
  8. When I’m driving and I look back in my rear view mirror and see two perfectly content little faces happily bouncing along to the music and watching the world go by.
  9. When you both say “Hi” in unison to everyone you see on the street, at the store, in the mall…
  10. The way you make everyone light up when they see you. I used to cringe at the attention from strangers and now I could not be more proud.
  11. When you both say “bu-bye!” as you walk into another room and then follow it with “have fun!”.
  12. When you walk around the house in your dad’s shoes.
  13. When you put your coat and hat away, exactly where they belong, without even being asked.
  14. The way your whisper “cheeeewwww, cheeeewwww” quietly when we pass by a train yard.
  15. How you read books to yourselves, pointing out each object and making up new words for everything.
  16. How you read books to each other.
  17. The way you both love bath time together and the fun games you come up with in the bath.
  18. How you are learning to take turns. Even though it seems excruciatingly painful to wait for something, you are understanding the concept and are even saying “peeezzz” and “tank-u”.
  19. It makes me feel like I’ve got some sort of magic power when you are hurt and need a kiss on your boo-boo. It really is %100 better, instantly.
  20. I love when you give your brother kisses when he’s hurt himself… or as an apology if you’ve bit him.
  21. I love when you give me kisses on both my cheeks and then my nose. I’m not sure where you learned this but it melts my heart.
  22. When you gasp, wide-eyed, at something you think is awesome, then say “WOW”.
  23. When you say “YUMMM” with each and every bite of chocolate pudding.
  24. The way you hold on so tightly when you need your mama.
  25. When I say “I love you” and you whisper back “a-wuo-wuo”, I know you mean it.
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2 thoughts on “25 Things I Love About Being Your Mama”

  1. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I think I’ll write a list about my boys right now, so I can look back on it when they are teenagers giving me grief :)

  2. I’m in tears now and those aren’t even my kids. I’m going to write a list immediately so that I can look back in a few years and remember things like this.

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