Call for Stories: Tell Your Infertility Tale

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Infertility Awareness Theme Week

Stories of infertility on How Do You Do It?We MoMs can get annoyed by the constancy of strangers asking whether our kids are “natural”, but the truth is that for many of us, infertility has been part of the journey.

April 20-26 is Infertility Awareness Week. We’re going to be doing another theme week, but with a twist. We’re inviting YOU, dear readers, to share your story with us if infertility has touched your life. Whether you now have 6 kids or are still fighting for your first, tell us how you feel or what happened. Educate and inform us. Tell us what thoughtless statement from a stranger brings that pain rushing back. Tell us how you supported a friend or family member during fertility challenges. Email us your post or request a guest publishing account at by midnight CST on April 19. (Details below.)

We know that infertility isn’t easy to talk about. We know there’s a lot of stigma around it. We know that you don’t want your children to find out the lengths you may have gone to have them from a stranger. If you wish us to publish your story anonymously, please just tell us that and we will honour your wishes.

To Submit a Story

Option 1: Email

To email us your story, please send the following to by midnight CST on April 19, 2014.

  • The content of your post. Your post can be prose (at least 100 words), poetry, a list… anything “bloggable” goes! We may elect to publish anything longer than 1000 words as a multi-part series. If the content has been previously published, we can republish it as long as you own the copyright.
  • Author name. How would you like to be listed? “Anonymous” is fine!
  • Whether we should associate your email address with the post. No one but HDYDI admins will be able to see it, but having an accurate email address will ensure that you receive any comments that other readers leave.
  • (Optional) A blog or website URL to link to.
  • (Optional) Social media profiles you’d like us to link to (Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Facebook page, etc.).
  • (Optional) A short bio to append to the end of the post.
  • (Optional) Image files to associate with your post.
  • (Optional) Video files or links to associate with your post.

Option 2: In WordPress

Please send to following to to request a guest account.

  • The username you would like to use to log in. (Existing accounts will not work, since runs its own WordPress instance.)
  • How your name should appear on the post as author.
  • The email address to associate with the account.

We will get back to you with account details within 48 hours. Please submit your content for editorial review and scheduling by midnight CST on April 19, 2014.

Option 3: On Your Own Blog

Whether you have already published your story and would like to share it anew, or are writing about it on your blog for the first time, we will create a link up to run from April 20 to April 26 where you can add your link.

Please feel free to add our theme week badge to your post or sidebar:

Stories of infertility on How Do You Do It?

Please, take a moment to share what you wished you’d heard from someone else during your infertility journey.

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