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I’m supposed to post about toddlers today, but that seems like such a long time ago. My girls are now thinking about kindergarten. My toddler experiences are distant memories now, but I’m reminded of them as I watch our babysitter’s son go through the same phases again.

Our girls didn’t start to “toddle” until they were 19 months old. They learned to stand and walk cautiously, but once they took those first steps, they didn’t want to stand still.  Within a month they went from just starting to stand independently to walking. The result was lots of bumps and bruises. About a month after learning to walk, our MoM’s group visited the zoo.  The paths at the zoo sloped up and down as they curved around the animal enclosures. As a result, our girls – who insisted on walking by themselves – spend lots of time face down on the ground. By the end of the day, we joked that we could tell them apart by the bruises on their foreheads. Fortunately, they had lots of time to practice walking in the warm summer weather, and their balance improved.

Last fall the girls start jiu jitsu, where they once again seemed awkward and unsure of their movements. Compared to the more experienced students in the class, they seemed like toddlers again. Though the context is different, it reminds me of those early days of walking, experimenting with new movement. It is interesting to see how the same patterns reappear at different points in our children’s development.

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