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One of the best things about parenting toddler twins is watching them play games together. Even though it was TOUGH parenting twin toddlers (ohhh, the double melt downs on the sidewalks were brutal!!), I always tried to find the virtues  they brought to each others lives.  I loved to just sit back and watch their creativity and playfulness develop with each other.   They are now 7, and I still see the virtue of their “twin-ness” help them to develop these creative outlets, through play. 

Here are some examples of games they played when my Deuce were almost 2 years old:

Spot Throwing: They each stood on a small round rug (ikea, $3) and they’d throw the ball back and forth to each other. If they got off the circle, they must get back on before throwing again. *This was a game they made up themselves!

Tickle-fest: They chased each other with a high pitch scream and tickling fingers. This often lead to tears however, because they were not quite sure how to tickle appropriately. For instance, eye sockets are not very ticklish.

1,2,3 Splash: I posted this video on our blog. It never gets old.

Whhheerrrre’s…(insert child’s name)? : This game is kind of like pee-ka-boo and hide and seek game put together. It involves a big loud celebration when the person is found.

Flashlight hide and seek: This game was so much fun to join in on! Turn off all the lights in the basement and run around like a mad man.

Party in the Wardrobe: I had emptied out an old wardrobe that we are planning on getting rid of. The kids came up with a game where they both go inside, shut the door, and scream and laugh as loud as they can. Then they step out quietly, look at each other, laugh, and go back in again for more. It never got old.

Dance Party: We’ve always had dance parties with the boys, but they decided to step up the party with removing the huge rug (by themselves!), insisting all their clothes come off, and spinning and jumping around like little crazy monkeys.

Cooking: They liked to pretend to cook while I’m cooking. They’d pull mixing bowls out, fill them with a few golf balls and stir them around, adding salt (pretend salt) every now and then.

Stump jumping: When they got tired of ‘cooking’ they would turn the bowls and pans over and arrange them so that they can jump from ‘stump’ to ‘stump’ with out touching the ground. It was pretty impressive to watch.

Butt scoot/ knee walk/ gallop: Basically they seemed to encourage each other to come up with different ways of getting from point “A” to point “B”. The butt scoot was hilarious to watch… it looked kind of like the crab walk, but with their butt dragging on the ground and they used their legs to pull them. The knee walk was cute, but got old when they were both doing it when you’re trying to walk across a busy parking lot. Not fun.

Bu-bye: They were really exploring their independence by saying “bu-bye” to us and then walking out of the room. They would come back and yell “hi!” and then seconds later they are saying “bu-bye” with a wave over their shoulders. They also often held each other hands as they waved “bu-bye” to us… like they were going off together to cause nothing but trouble.

Oh, don’t I know it :)

What games have your twin toddlers come up with to play together?

Toddler twins play the best games! Are your kids' favorites in the mix?


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