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Just this past weekend we almost put in an offer on a house.

I know. Crazy since we had already decided to put that dream on hold to pursue my working part-time for this next school year, or possibly two. However, the husband had continued to look at listings online, and I’ve been open to moving to an area close to where I’ve decided to send the kids for elementary school (for its Mandarin dual immersion program).

This house is walking distance to the school, right next to a golf course. It’s just within our price range. Large lot, big square footage, a house our family of 5 could be comfortable in for several years. However… It has only 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, the same as we currently have. Though they are bigger than the ones we currently have, and there is space to add a fourth bedroom and third bathroom when someday we could afford it. However… The school district (other than this dual immersion elementary school) is not ideal, which means even though the area is desirable, the house will not appreciate as much as homes in other nearby cities. However… Though we could pay the new mortgage if we cut back on our lifestyle and watch our spending, it would be uncomfortably tight while I’m part-time, and that would be after sinking all our savings into the down payment.

For these reasons, my conservative husband and I decided the time is not right for us to move right now. We really like this house, in fact it is the only one that I have liked, and the housing market in our area is on another surge, but we’d be scrambling to sell our current house, working out all the details of our financing with our future budget, and generally putting ourselves under a great deal of stress. It is doable, but not something we feel ready to take on.

But this has gotten me thinking. If I was willing to move to a 3 bedroom house, then I guess I’m not as eager to move my twins into separate bedrooms as I thought. True, this house has bigger bedrooms and more common living space as well, but the twins would still be sharing a bedroom, or the girls would have to share. I did not think that I would be ok with that. But I guess I am, for the right house. Which means, then, that I should have no problems staying at our current house for a few more years.

So, what are your bedroom configurations, fellow MoMs? Do you have boy/girl twins sharing a bedroom? Until what age? How do you create space separation in a shared bedroom?

lunchldyd is mom to 19mo b/g twins and their 4yo sister.

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lunchldyd is mom to 3 year old boy/girl twins and their 5.5 year old sister. She is now teaches part-time to juggle the needs of her young children. When not at work and the kids are asleep, she is addicted to watching TV and sometimes sacrifices sleep to read in bed. She lives in the Los Angeles suburbs with her husband, three kids, and two dogs.

9 thoughts on “Bedroom Configurations”

  1. We are also a family of five in a 3/2. Oldest daughter is 6; g/g frat twins are 3. Our twins still share a bedroom (and are still in cribs–although they are ready for big kid beds by now) and our ODD has her own room (but sleeps in my bed). We have been looking at houses for a while, but even if we get a 4 bedroom setup, I think the twins will still share space until they don’t want to anymore so that we can have a guest room!

  2. I’d always shared a room with my sisters growing up and I plan for my girls to do the same until they leave for college or something major happens to make me change my philosophy

  3. My ex-husband loved having his own room and always assumed that our girls would want their own too. However, every time we’ve asked, they’ve thought we were crazy. At age 3, their response was, “You want me to sleep LONELY?!” Now it’s more of a, “No thanks. We like our room.” They’re 8, and sleep in the same bed even though officially each has her own.

  4. We have our bg twins (almost 1 year old! Eek!) in the same room… It’s just easier. I figure we’ll seperate them in the 4-7 year range. I think 5 would be a good age to seperate them but if they’re not ready, I don’t see how a few extra years would really hurt.

  5. My 4.5 year old twin boys still share a room (we just put them in bunk beds). I can’t imagine them wanting to be split up anytime soon. I also have a 2 year old and he’s in his own room. It would be nice for all three to be separate for nap/quiet time in the afternoon because the twins often keep each other awake even though one really could still use the sleep. Our fourth bedroom has our computer and guest bed in it and we’ve occasionally used that as a quiet time space for one of the twins.

  6. We moved to a larger house about six months ago, just before our twin girls turned five. Although we now have the space to separate them, I chose to keep them in the same room. They don’t know anything different at this point, and I figure it will be a big deal to them one day. I’m “saving” that as a special treat [assuming they one day want to be separated] for when they are older.

  7. My almost 5 yo b/g twins share and will continue to share until,they ask to be split up. I’m guessing my dd will want her own room first, and I’m predicting it will be sometime between 7-10.

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