6 Activities for the Last Month of Summer

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Just in case you are running out of ideas for your last month of summer, here are some things that have been a success at our house.

1. Walks. So simple and so easy. Great for when you just need to get out of the house and breath fresh air. You determine how long you’re out there and the pace. You can let the kids get out to explore along the route, or you can just let them observe from the stroller.IMG_45272. Bubbles. My older son got a bubble machine for his third birthday and it has been a hit. I’m glad that we have it, because I kept getting light headed after bubble sessions. Now the machine does all the work and I can just sit and enjoy the fun.IMG_4579 IMG_4589


3. Plasma Cars. These are new to me, but the people we are renting from now left them here for us to use and the kids have really enjoyed them. They are ideal for toddlers and kids, but my 15 month old twins really like riding them with us. I like that they are low to the ground and don’t move too fast for safety reasons.


4. Parades and other community activities. If you haven’t looked into what your community has to offer you as far as summer festivals, rodeos, parades, or markets go, I highly recommend googling it and seeing if there is anything left for August. We have really enjoyed participating in what the community has to offer. Plus, most of these things are free or take little money.


5. Treasure hunts. My in-laws have done several treasure hunts on the hiking trails by their house, and they are normally pretty fun for the kids. Someone just walks ahead of the group and plants some clues and some sort of “treasure” at the end.IMG_4894

6. Water play. This was an item I needed to check off of my list that ended up being a really entertaining activity for the kids. I wanted to wash off all of our magnetic letters that had been on the refrigerator before we moved. It just so happened that it was a day when my kids were not in the best of moods. I put a couple of buckets on the porch with a little soap and water in them and then dumped the letters in. I handed out wash cloths and just let them have at it and they loved it. It took up a good amount of time, it accomplished a small chore, and they had a lot of fun with it.

 IMG_4835 IMG_4836 IMG_4837

Summer on, Mom!

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