1, 2, Buckle my Car Seats for Me Please!

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Hello to the HDYDI community! I’m Amy, and I am happy to be here as a new author/contributor. I have been managing my two sets of multiples for almost 7 years now, but I admit that being in the mix with all of you is so intimidating! Thanks for all of this great support!

Ryan and I have been married for almost 12 years, and it took almost 6 of those years to get our kiddos here. We did 3 rounds of IVF before we got our first set. After 3 years, we made the (mostly financial) decision to try Clomid for one more. I was in complete denial that I was pregnant because I just couldn’t believe that would ever work for us. Then when I saw the ultrasound and saw those 2 sacs again… well you can imagine my total shock!

Amy, Ryan and their TWO sets of twins.

My oldest b/g twins are 6 and in first grade. Compared to my now 2-year-old girls, they were a breeze!

I wrangled each of the girls into their carseat buckles this morning. It took two laps around the car, an elbow to each gut and lots of tears and screaming. No amount of “Now where do we sit when we get in the car?” and “No, that’s your sister’s seat” accomplished anything. They usually make a beeline to the back and drain the car battery by flipping on all the lights. Sigh. I left for the gym, late, defeated and feeling like I should know how to discipline them better! After all, I’ve already done this!

An hour and some endorphins later, I walked them out to the car and felt confident. I’ve got this. They are holding my hand. I have my keys on my trusty bracelet chain which is my biggest lifesaver! And I can be patient. Lo and behold, I got one to climb up and in with no problems! Small miracle, but I’ll take it. How do I do it? By knowing that I can!

I’m excited to share more multiples adventures with you. And believe me, if I can do it, then so can you!

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Amy Fitzgibbons

I am a SAHM of two sets of twins. My B/G twins (6) came through IVF and were born at 29 weeks. So we did the whole NICU thing. My fraternal girls (2) were a surprise and made it to 36 weeks. I'm grateful to have this community to help navigate this crazy life!

2 thoughts on “1, 2, Buckle my Car Seats for Me Please!”

  1. Welcome to the group, Amy! Nice to “meet” you! :) :)

    My girls were still rear-facing at that time, and I would have them both climb in the same side of the backseat. One would get buckled in while the other stood there (in “front” of that car seat, if that makes sense). I don’t know how that would work with forward-facing, but it was a good tactic for me.

    I have a friend who used to allow one kiddo to sit in the front passenger seat while she buckled the other kiddo in. I tried that ONCE…and yes, the flipping of the lights and the opening of the vents, all in the span of 15 seconds…that was not the tactic for me! 😉

    Should I confess that I’m a little sad my girls can unbuckle their car seats now (at 6 years old)??? While it’s super convenient, I do miss the “containment” of having them both sit buckled while I unloaded the car. 😉

  2. My two like to switch seats or even sit in Big Sis’s seat. Usually I don’t bother fighting them on it, unless they’re fighting each other. If I did, we’d never go anywhere :(

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