Ever think about the germs that build up in your child's lunch box or bag? Just give it a quick wipe with a disinfectant.

Foodie Friday: Lunch Bag Hygiene

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With rare exception, I pack my daughters’ school lunches. We usually use soft insulated lunch bags and all food inside it is either in a container or wrapped in cling wrap. Still, I worry about how germy the inside of the bag might get. I don’t imagine that my 8-year-olds are particularly cognizant of cross-contamination. I’m certain that they’ve picked at the meat in a sandwich and touched the inside of their lunch bags without thinking about it.

Lunch bag hygiene

I wash the bags as often as I do laundry, usually about every other day. On days that they don’t get a full wash, I still wipe all surfaces of the bag thoroughly with a disinfecting wipe, let it sit for 10 minutes, and then go back over it with a clean wet rag. I also have extra lunch bags for all of us to be sure that there are always enough clean ones available.

I’ve heard that a lot of people don’t wash their shopping bags because they simply don’t think about all the grime that builds up in there. Do folks treat their kids’ (and their own) lunch bags the same way?

Have you ever considered lunch bag hygiene?

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2 thoughts on “Foodie Friday: Lunch Bag Hygiene”

  1. I definitely think about lunch bag hygeine…A LOT!!! It may be because my kids have to bring home all their garbage from their lunch, they can’t throw it out at school. And because my twins are only 4 years old, they aren’t neat about in the least. This means that every day I get to recieve lunch bags at the end of the day that are coated in a mixture yogurt, leftover banana and crackers crumbs. So first I get them as clean as I can by hand, and then I throw them into the wash. And I also have lots of backup lunch bags just in case I forget to empty and wash them, because I think we’ve all, at one point, gone to pack our kids’ lunches and realized we had forgotten to unpack them the night before.

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