Toddler Thursday: 8 Tips for Surviving Halloween with Toddlers

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When my twins were toddlers I was incredibly excited about celebrating Halloween with them. They were finally old enough to walk and we would be able to go out and explore a handful of houses on our street before retiring home to give out treats to older kids.  What I wasn’t expecting was two entirely different Halloween experiences: one with a child who couldn’t wait to show off her costume to as many people as physically possible, basking over how cute everyone was telling her she was and another with a child who alternated between lying on the sidewalk refusing to move and trying to break inside the house of every place we visited (in one case making it most of the way down a hallway before he was apprehended and finally taken home).  Managing exciting, sugar fueled holidays with one child is hard enough….when you have multiples….


Below are eight tips for surviving Halloween with young children (multiples or otherwise):

  1. Fill them up with a warm hearty meal (that they’ll actually eat) before they start filling up on candy.
  2. Try to meet their costume requests….get creative if you have to. It’s amazing how much you can impress a toddler with your ingenuity.
  3. If it’s going to rain….clear garbage bags can become excellent make-shift raincoats that ensure everyone can see their costume.
  4. Have extra adults on hand in case some of your children tire of Trick or Treating before others.
  5. Go out early…the closer it is to bed time, the more likely you are to have meltdowns.
  6. Be prepared for surprises.  Your child(ren) may decide that there is no way that they are going to wear the costume that they picked out themselves just two days ago.  Yes, it’s annoying, but it happens. The sooner you move on the better, trust me.
  7. Take breaks if you need to.  This is not an all or nothing situation.  There’s no rule that you can’t recharge for half an hour before heading back out.
  8. Remember to have fun, take lots of pictures and enjoy yourself!
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Sara is a Toronto, Canada based writer and working mom of multiples. Her blog, Multiple Momstrosity was named one on Toronto Mom Now’s 2012 Top 30 Mom Blogs. She is a two time veteran of the Three Day Novel Writing Contest and has written an unpublished novel, This is You Without Me. She lives in “The Junction” with her husband Chris and spontaneous fraternal toddler twins (Molly& Jack).

30 thoughts on “Toddler Thursday: 8 Tips for Surviving Halloween with Toddlers”

  1. Gorgeous photo, Sara. Bit lucky (or not) down here in Australia. Halloween is a bit of a non event. You can participate or not. Last year I dressed my kids up and wandered about the streets, but this year we will be going away, so not planning anything….BUT…my son does watch an awful lot of American shows on TV and has been asking about Halloween…not sure quite how I’ll deal with that one, yet… Thanks, Anna #TwinklyTuesday
    Anna Brophy recently posted I could get used to this….My Profile

  2. Haha this is great – I only have one and he’s a nightmare when it comes to dressing up! he’ll have the same outfit choice until the day and then how dare I put him in it! :p not sure I do get over it though :p you have two cuties :)
    charlotte recently posted Useful Parenting BlogsMy Profile

  3. My little boy is going to be 10 months in 2 days, first Halloween, making his costume – I can’t wait!!! The only problem is we live in the UK…It’s just not as popular over here which is a total shame because it’s like “Hello, free candy! Costumes! Awesome decorations!” I actually put mine up on the 1st – definitely alerting my neighbo(u)rs that I’m the American on the block! #TwinklyTuesday
    Apparently Awkward recently posted A Little Bird Told Me…My Profile

  4. Good tips! Luckily, Tyger’s too young to really know much about Halloween yet. I’ve told him about it because before that he wouldn’t stop going on about Christmas (which he *does* know about) but all he knows is he’ll get to dress up, have some chocolate and there’ll be a pumpkin.

    Since he has ASD, costumes are a bit of a minefield. We have builders in at the moment and he’s obsessed with them so I’ve opted for a high-viz vest, hard hat and tool belt as a pretty safe/comfy option and something he’ll enjoy past Halloween. I though about all the cute costumes I could put Baby Bear in and then came to the conclusion it was safest to dress him the same to avoid jealousy!

    Hope you and your twins enjoy it this year.

    Lady Nym recently posted So…What *Is* Autism?My Profile

  5. We don’t do Halloween so much in the UK so ignoring it until it goes away is another option! Love the photos :)

    Have a wonderful time Trick or Treating :) #twinklytuesday

  6. So cute. Halloween isn’t big where I am in the UK, but I took my daughter to a Halloween party last year (manic, packed with screaming exciteable kids) and she seemed to really enjoy it. Some really good tips here for making Halloween stress-free. #twinklytuesday
    Alison recently posted Finding My Blogging NicheMy Profile

  7. Here in Germany Halloween isn’t really celebrated. I usually have a party for the boys and their friends since I am Irish and Halloween has an Irish origin, the feast of Samhain. This year we are spending it with friends near Munich. I’m excited to see whether there will be trick or treating there. In the far west of Germany there isn’t.
    Fionnuala recently posted Toy Grocery Shop Restoration ProjectMy Profile

  8. We have never really done much for halloween in outhouse. Now we have our daughter I think it may be something to think about. She is only 9 months old this year but maybe next year or the year after we may well get into the spirit. I’ll try and remember these tips when the time comes :) #twinklytuesday

  9. Feeding them up before is such a good idea! With all the stuff in the media at the moment I’ve become really aware of the amount of sugar our children have, it’s scary really. I’ve decided once this last box of coco pops is empty, that’s it. Wish me luck! x
    Kerry recently posted Back to the BeginningMy Profile

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