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How Do You Do It? ContributorHow Do You Do It? is, above all, a community. Your community. A 100% volunteer community of parents of multiples: twins, triplets or more. If you are a parent of multiples, current, expectant or loss, we invite your contributions. Whether you would like to join our regular writing team, have one article you’d us like to publish, or know someone we should interview, please let us know below. You’re a Pinterest pro or Tweeter extraordinaire? We have a spot for you too. Details about our expectations are below the form.

SadiaThe things I love most about HDYDI are the spontaneity, honesty and variety of posts. I see my role as coordinator as encouraging and enabling community, both amongst the writers and between writers and our audience. If you have any ideas for improvements, please send them my way. Several “generations” of writers have written for HDYDI for a year or two before moving on, mostly because they face fewer issues specific to raising multiples as their kids  older. I try to keep things running at HDYDI by sending out reminders to post, recruiting writers, coordinating social media marketing, and making minor content edits but I view the site as community property. – Sadia, HDYDI Coordinator

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How Do You Do It? Contributor Expectations

Regular Contributor

Regular contributors blog about whatever you feel like, whenever you feel like it, on the topics of parenthood, multiples, or parenting multiples. Write new content for HDYDI, recycle posts from your own blog, or do a bit of both. Posts should not imply that there is ever only one way to do things; the strength of HDYDI is in its diversity of experience and opinion.

Expect to write at least 4 posts a year, with no maximum. At least one of these posts should be focused on the first year and another one on toddlerhood (but only if you’re in or past the toddler phase). You will be assigned a date, at least a few months in advance, to write a reflection on infancy (topics are wide open) once or twice a year for the Twinfant Tuesday series.

Your level of contribution beyond that baseline is up to you. We have an active Facebook group for HDYDI authors you’d be welcome to join but don’t have to. You could pin to our Pinterest boards, tweet, and contribute to Make-It Mondays, Foodie Fridays or any of our theme weeks. We’re always open to ideas for improvement and ways to be helpful to the MoMs of the world.

If you like writing prompts, we put together occasional theme weeks that are helpful on that front. Sadia can also assign you specific topics, if that’s your preference.

We do ask that at least one person write about food every Friday, about life in the first year on Tuesdays, and about toddlerhood on Thursdays, but other posts are also welcome on those days. Our purpose for both the Twinfant Tuesday and Toddler Thursday posts is to provide ongoing support to new MoMs, who are the most in need to hearing that they’re not alone in facing the challenges of raising multiples while they’re still getting their feet wet.

One Time Guest Poster

Send us a blog post you’d like us to publish on How Do You Do It? We review content and quality for appropriateness. Guest posts must be in some way related to the multiple experience. We not accept general interest parenting posts from guest posters, although regular contributors are welcome to publish such pieces. Read through some existing HDYDI posts to get an idea of what we’re looking for.

Sponsored Reviews and Sponsored Posts

We do not publish sponsored posts, which we define as posts promoting products, services, or causes written by one-time contributors. We do entertain product review opportunities, but the products must narrowly relate to the multiple birth parenting experience. Reviews will be honest and may contain criticisms or negative comments.

Pinterest Contributor

Keep our Pinterest boards reflecting content that is interesting, useful, funny, or touching to parents of multiples around the world.

Twitter Tzarina

Tweet as @hdydi to share content that is pertinent to parents of multiples around the world. And, while you’re at it, share HDYDI’s content too!

*Why Can’t I Get Paid?

When we say that we’re a 100% volunteer community, we mean that no contributors receive financial reimbursement. Our pages contain Adsense ads to help defray our hosting costs. HDYDI has no budget beyond this ad income. Sadia pays all remaining blog hosting fees out of her own family budget. When brands contact us about advertising opportunities, we generally pass those opportunities along to blog contributors who might want to do something with the sponsor on their non-HDYDI blogs. In general, we’re a bunch of parents who have something to share and something to learn.
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