Multiples Arithmetic

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This is how I entertain myself.

I had an ob/gyn appt today and here’s how the conversation went with the nurse who was gathering my information:

Her: How many pregnancies have you had?
Me: 5.
Her: Any pregnancy losses?
Me: 3.
Her: How many live births?
Me: 4.
Her: Okay… wait, 5 pregnancies total and 3 losses?
Me: Yes.
Her: And how many live births?
Me: 4.
Her: Did any of those children pass away after birth?
Me: Nope.
Her: Something’s not adding up. How did you have 2 pregnancies that resulted in 4 live births?
Me: Two sets of twins.
Her: You could’ve just said that in the first place.
Me: I could have but where would the fun have been in that?

Something's not adding up. How did you have 2 pregnancies that resulted in 4 live births? #twinparenting Click To Tweet

I haven’t been blogging lately, but you can get another laugh by checking out “What good is being married to a computer geek if i can’t take advantage of him?” or cry with me at “The desperation of infertility“.

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Toddler Thursday: How Twin Toddlers Are Like a Grouchy Old Couple

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  1. They think they’re the centre of the universe.
  2. They are completely committed to each other…
  3. but they know exactly how to get under each other’s skin. They do so as often as possible.
  4. They have questionable bladder control.
  5. They can’t hear a word you say… unless you include the phrase “ice cream”.
  6. They have no sense of time or urgency.
  7. Logic is an unknown concept.
  8. They need no words to understand one another completely.
  9. However, they have a pathological need to talk over each other.
  10. They pass gas without apology or embarrassment.
  11. They’re far less likely to suffer injury if they use a walker…
  12. but they’re completely unwilling to accept their bodies’ limitations.
  13. They are creatures of routine and habit. Don’t mess with their schedule. It can only lead to grief.
  14. They prefer their food bland and mashed.
  15. They teach you to look at the world with new eyes.

Toddlers may have a whole lot in common with the elderly... but the elderly are sometimes right.

While toddlers are like old people in thinking they know everything, the old couple is probably right on this score. The toddlers, however, are entirely wrong.

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Twinfant Tuesday: Congratulations!

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Dear MoM to be,

Congratulations! You’ve recently found out your expecting multiples! The shock has worn off (a little) and if you’re like most MoMs you’ve now entered the Must Find All the Information Mode.  This where you begin frantically googling things like:

  • Twin pregnancy tummy- images
  • How soon do twins sleep through the night?
  • Can I afford electricity and diapers for twins?
  • Nursing twins-really?

All joking aside I bet you’re a big mess of happy, worried, scared , and excited.  We’ve all been there.  Crying one minute and smiling the next is completely normal.  You’re about to experience pregnancy and parenthood in a very unique and wonderful way.  You’ll wish you had other MoMs to talk to and confide in- Don’t worry you’ll find them.  Until you do, here’s some advice I wish I’d been given at the beginning of my pregnancy.

When you’re announcing your pregnancy you’ll find parents of singletons saying adorable things like “Better you than me” and “Ugh, I’m so sorry!”.  Parents of multiples will squeal with glee, crush you in a hug, and make you a list of all the MoMs groups in your area.  Take comfort in the fact that those with actual experience in parenting multiples are the ones excited for you.  They know what you’re facing and how amazing it is.

I know you’re wondering and the answer is YES!  Your belly is going to get huge.  Bigger than you can even imagine.  Bigger than the maternity clothes sold in most stores can handle.  Even more shocking is that you will grow to miss this belly.  My twins are almost two and I’ve just recently started pining for my pregnant belly.  I look at pictures of myself pregnant and wish I could feel my sweet babies bump around inside me one more time. You won’t want to, but please take lots of pictures.  Document the amazingness of your body.

I didn't take many pictures of my growing belly. This selfie was taken at 30 weeks.

Caring for newborn multiples is hard.  Harder than anyone can prepare you for.  Give yourself permission now to do what works in the moment.  My twins slept in their swings until they were 9 months old.  That’s right… 9 months.  If I wanted to sleep (and oh how I did) then they had to be swinging.  The only reason they moved to cribs was because they got so heavy the swings stopped working (that was a sad, sad day). Throw out your books, plans, and ideas of how things “should” be.  Start practicing your mantra “Whatever works NOW”.

Enjoy long showers and baths, eat hot meals, and wear clean clothes now.  Once the babies come these will all become luxuries.  This sounds horrible and awful but I promise you won’t mind (much).  The first year with your multiples will most likely be a blur.  I have some very distinct memories that I cherish, but mostly what I remember is a feeling.  I was sleepy, overwhelmed, and so very happy.

Practice walking briskly while smiling and nodding.  This is how you will maneuver through all public spaces for the next two years.  The  amount of comments you are receiving right now about your growing belly will multiply by a million when you have infant multiples in tow.  Don’t stop, don’t engage, don’t make eye contact.  I’m kidding… just prepare yourself.  You will attract attention and people will  love to talk about your babies.  Sometimes this will bother you and sometimes it won’t.

This last one is a biggie…  You probably have some very specific fears regarding your pregnancy and postpartum period.  You may worry that you’ll end up on bed rest or that you won’t be able to nurse your babies.  As scary and awful as these things seem I promise you that if they do occur you will handle it.  You will rise up to the challenge and do what needs to be done.  Parents of multiples are a unique breed.  We are a resilient and creative bunch.  We figure things out and make it work.  YOU are now a part of this group which means you are more than capable of conquering your fear.  I had two worries during my pregnancy: that I might have to have a C section and that the babies would potentially have NICU stays. I have 3 other children and thinking about managing babies in the hospital with the needs of my kids at home scared me. Both of those things happened.  I gave birth vaginally to Laurel and had Rhodes by C section 40 minutes later.  To add to the fun my epidural wasn’t working so I had to be put totally asleep for Rhodes’ birth.  My babies were born at 34 weeks and had to stay in the NICU for 2 weeks.  It was a rough time, but my husband and I pulled together and did it.  You can handle whatever this phase of life throws at you.

My sweet Rhodes in the NICU.
My sweet Rhodes in the NICU.

Please enjoy this time, sweet MoM.  You have so many happy and exciting things ahead of you.



Elizabeth, Laurel, and Rhodes


What advice do you wish you could give your pregnant self?

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British and American Vocabulary – Mummy/Mommy Edition

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Oh, the confusion that British and American vocabulary can cause! I spent the first 8 years of my life in the United Kingdom. I’ve spent the last 18 years in the United States. (There were another 10 years sandwiched between in Bangladesh, but English isn’t the primary language spoken there, so we’ll set Bangladesh aside for now.)

While American English and British English are generally mutually intelligible, vocabulary differences can cause some awkwardness. When I arrived in the US at age 18, I received a compliment on my pants. I was mortified, thinking that my underwear was visible. Only later did I realize that my American friend was referring to my outermost layer of clothing, the thing I would have called my “trousers”. A British coworker here in the US likes to tell the story of having needed to change something he’d written in pencil, and thus asked for a rubber, not knowing that the thing he wanted was called an “eraser” around here. His innocent office supplies question was interpreted by some as a request for family planning assistance.

I’ve been reading more British mummy blogs (translation: “mommy blogs”) of late and my latent vocabulary has been returning. For those of you reading blogs across the Atlantic, in either direction, allow me to offer you a translation guide for terms relevant to a parent’s life.

British Term American Term
flat Flat/apartment living can be a challenge and a joy with young children. apartment
dressing gown A British dressing gown is a bathrobe in the US. bathrobe
crisps Crisps = potato chips chips
cot Baby crib (US) = cot (UK). In the UK</td>
<td > a crib refers to what Americans might call a cradle. crib
nappy Reusable or disposal</td>
<td > "nappies" and "diapers" are the same thing. diaper
chips French fries = chips fries
marks How's your British-American translation? grades
pinafore Adorable jumper/pinafore! jumper
mum/mummy sadia2toddlercarry mom/mommy
dummy Pacifier pacifier/paci/ binkie
trousers British and American terminology differences can cause confusion. Trousers or pants? pants
ice lolly popsicle = ice lolly = ice pop popsicle
pushchair strollerconnected stroller
jumper Colourful winter wear. sweater
swimming costume Love this swimsuit! swimsuit
lorry An American semi is a British lorry. truck/semi
pants/undies/ knickers Panties to Americans</td>
<td > pants to Brits. Confusion could be awkward. underwear/panties
holiday Relax vacation
garden Gorgeous backyard! yard

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Twinfant Tuesday: Infant Sleep Positions

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Babies do some super adorable things, and it’s often a crazy scramble to capture moments of cuteness before they’re gone. For example, I will always regret never having gotten video of my son’s weird half-sneeze/half-yowl when he was itty bitty. Every time he did it, I would giggle and think I’d better record it. But it’s not easy to be armed with a recording device at all times to capture whenever he happened to sneeze. And then of course he grew out of it.

What I do have though, is an entire folder of photos of them sleeping… specifically, their crazy sleep positions. Oftentimes because babies are so flexible, they end up in amazing contorted positions when they sleep, and we would catch them on the video monitor while checking on them. Then I would take a picture at my leisure. Chuckle, chuckle.


Sadly, they’ve grown out of this as well. But at least I will always have this folder.

lunchldyd is a part-time teacher to high school freshmen and full-time Mommy to 32mo b/g twins and their 5yo sister.

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Quintessential Twin Pictures

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When my girls were born 6 1/2 years ago, I wasn’t on Facebook. I hadn’t started blogging. And — to my knowledge — Pinterest didn’t yet exist. I barely had any mommy friends, let alone friends with twins. (That’s funny to think now, since almost all my mommy friends have multiples!)

I say that to say, I didn’t have a ton of inspiration for pictures. I took a blue million. Now, though, I look around at all the adorableness on social media, and I wish I could rewind the clock, if for no other reason than to take some adorable smooshy baby pictures.

One picture I’m thankful I captured is what I think of as a truly quintessential “twin” picture. I’m not sure where I got the idea back in the day (how old am I???), but it’s one that just makes me smile.

What is cuter than a baby in a bucket swing? Twins in a bucket swing!

Two kiddos, back to back in a bucket swing at the park. How I love those matching hats, baby-soft skin, chunky little legs, and uber-clean tennis shoes…all TIMES TWO.

If you have infant or toddler twins and haven’t taken such a picture: GET THEE TO A PLAYGROUND. FIND THYSELF A BUCKET SWING. Aaaaand GO!!!

These days I’m almost always at the ready with my trusty camera. And a couple of weeks ago, I realized I had an opportunity to sorta-kinda recreate this quintessential twin shot.

No, I didn’t cram my kiddos into a bucket seat at the park. (They’re slight, but I think that would be pushing it.) My dad has a disc swing [there’s probably a real name for this?] at his house. The girls were delighted to play on it last month when we went down for a visit. They were taking turns well enough, but then I suggested they try to swing together. (Oh, and please do so while I find the perfect camera angle… HA!)

Too big for a bucket swing, perhaps, but these twin sisters are never too big for an outdoor adventure.


I still love that baby-soft skin, now with matching ponytails and scruffed up tennis shoes.

I can’t foresee what my next recreation might be, but know I’ll be on the lookout, ever ready to capture the moment.

What’s your favorite twin/triplet/more pose? Share it on our Facebook page. We’d love to see!!!

MandyE is mom to 6 1/2-year old fraternal twin girls. She blogs about their adventures, and her journey through motherhood, at Twin Trials and Triumphs.

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12 Bizarre Comments About Identical Twins

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We twin mothers love to trade notes on the odd and ignorant comments and questions we get from strangers. Most of the time, we’re given an opportunity to educate and for people to coo over our little ones. Standard questions include “Are they natural?” and “Can you tell them apart?”.

I’m used to those questions. Then, there are these questions. The comments I’m sharing here came from a completely different place. These questions didn’t come from ignorance or curiosity.

They came from Cuckooland.

  1. What are they mixed? It turns out that the person asking this oddly phrased question wanted to know about my daughters’ ancestry/racial makeup. The comment-maker was herself biracial and was curious about my triracial girls. They are half Bengali (South Asian/Indian/choose your term), quarter Mexican (Hispanic/Native North American/Spanish) and quarter Caucasian (Scottish/Irish/French). I prefer the terms “people”, “children”, and “American”. “Twin-American” if you insist on hyphenation.sadia2toddlercarry
  2. How could you not rhyme their names? This question was posed to me by a mother of boy/girl twins whose daughter was in the same jazz dance class as my daughters. I am rarely left speechless, but she managed it. I came back with some weak answer about not wanting to echo the plight of the monozygotic twins in our family named Janice and Janet."How could you not rhyme their names?" asks one mother of twins to another. And other odd questions.
  3. Why do you dress them alike? Granted, this is less cuckoo than the other questions on this list, but the assumption that there could only be one way to do things drives me batty. When they were babies, it was because we were given so many matching outfits at our baby showers. And because it’s adorable. Once they per past age one, it was because M and J had opinions of their own.Twins in coordinating outfits are adorable! And twins in uncoordinated outfits? Equally adorable...
  4. Why don’t you dress them alike? I’ve actually gotten this question on the very same day as Number 10. When they were babies, it was because it was way too much hassle to keep them coordinated. Also, J tended to want to be cooler than M, so she wore fewer layers. Once they were past age one, it was because J and M had opinions of their own.J and M didn't care to dress alike on this particular day. They get to have a say in the matter. From
  5. Which one’s the good one? I still don’t have a witty comeback for this one. Interestingly, I’ve only ever received this question from males.Twins in the real world do not come in "good" and "evil" flavours.
  6. Which is the original? Which one is the clone? Oh my. I wish I had a couple of hours to sit down with this guy and give him some basic lessons in fetal development. And manners. Sadly, I didn’t have the time, so I just said, “That’s not how twins work. If you cut an apple in half, there isn’t an original side and a copy side. Each is a full half in its own right.” This wasn’t the best metaphor to use, but it was what I could think of while holding two crying babies and checking out of the grocery store with apple-pear-sauce ingredients.Identical twins no more consistent of  an "original" and a "copy" than halves of an apple.
  7. Do they have different personalities? I tried to imagine the internal world of this person. They must imagine identical twins all over the world walking around in lockstep and speaking at the same time.Some people have some odd assumptions about twins.
  8. Do they have different names? I’m not George Foreman. Unlike Mr. Foreman, most twin parents do not give their children the same name.
  9. If I pinch one, does the other feel it? No. Just no.
  10. Do they have ESP? I mustered up my creepiest stare.These are not the twins with ESP you are looking for.
  11. Were you pregnant for 18 months? I felt bad for this girl. She seemed to be college aged, but may have been younger. Her question was so genuine and her affection for the babies so honest, I didn’t have the heart for snark. I just told her that no, the babies started growing at the same time and grew at the same rate as regular ones, so I just got really big. I didn’t think she could handle any information about prematurity while she processed that.Sadia and her husband, while expecting. From M and J's Birth Story from
  12. They are not identical. They’re wearing different colours. Here’s how I usually handle this type of comment. In this case, I just said, “‘Identical’ is more about how twins grew in the womb than how they look.” Sometimes, you have to pick your battles.Identical twins can wear different clothes. However, some people out and about will be very confused by this. The oddest questions faced by a mom of twins.

What’s the most oddball question or comment you’ve received so far?

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Toddler Thursday: Eyes and Ears and Bananas and Nose

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Is there anything more endearing than a toddler’s perspective on the world? Yes, my twin girls are big kids now at nearly nine years old, but a few blinks ago, they were toddlers. There are certain observations of theirs that live in a special vault of joy in my memory. I pull them out and look at them on occasion. This is one of those.

Meet Antelope, pronounced “Aninam” in the 23-month-old edition of M&J-ese. Antelope, along with 5 other animal hand puppets, was a gift from my high school English teacher when I found out I was pregnant. (Yes, I had awesome teachers. Who else not only stays in touch with former students in adulthood, but sends them gifts from continents away?)

A soft hand puppet in the shape of an antelope.

On the drive home from daycare, then 23-month-old M and I had this conversation:

M: Sissy Kwirro.
Sadia: Yes, J has Squirrel and you have Antelope.
M: Aninam.
Sadia: Antelope.
M: Aninam nose.
Sadia: Yep, Antelope has a nose, just like you.
M: Aninam eyes. Ooooone, twoooo eyes. Two eyes. Ears. Aninam oooone, twooo ears. Nana.
Sadia: Nana?
M: No. Nana!
Sadia: Nana?
M: No! Nana!
Sadia: Banana?
M: Yeah! Aninam nana!

Allow me to clarify.

At age almost 2, M labelled her toys body parts, subbing "banana" for "horn".When the word “horn” has yet to enter your vocabulary, “banana” will do just fine. This sort of creative usage of the words at your disposal is common to first language learners and adult second language learners alike, and is called circumlocution. Another great example is a toddler saying “wall on the top” when they haven’t yet learned “ceiling”.

What memory of toddler confusion brings you the greatest joy?

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Confession: I Hate the Girls’ Class Pets

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Shhhh…I’m writing here, instead of on my own blog, so my girls won’t see this confession.  I can’t utter this aloud, but I hope writing about my disdain will be cathartic.  

My twin girls are in kindergarten this year, in separate homeroom classes.  Each class has a “pet”.  It’s not the living, breathing kind (thank goodness)…but rather the stuffed variety…and each child takes a turn bringing Thomas or Rowdy home for an overnight visit.

pet4My A got to bring Thomas home the very first day of school, and she was incredibly excited.  I was excited, too…how stinkin’ adorable was that??!!!  We celebrated the first day of school with ice cream, and we had fun making pictures of Thomas at the ice cream stand.

A few days later, my B got her turn with Rowdy.  It was a weekend, so we took him to the bookstore with us, where he enjoyed playing with the train set.


Sure, this is a great exercise!  Fun!  It offers families another way to get involved with their kid’s school life!  It gives us a glimpse into what other families do!

But…it’s a lot of work!!!

We once built a bed for the animals out of blocks…blocks that could be sanitized the next day!  Hahaha!

(And, at the risk of revealing my germophobe tendencies, these critters kinda gross me out.  There’s no telling where they’ve been, and my girls want to cuddle with them in our house.  ICK!!!!!  Lest you think I’m being petty, a friend of mine who is a kindergarten teacher in another district had to eliminate her class “pet”.  It acquired “bugs” during its rounds.  See…this is not just in my head!  And I don’t want anything ON my head as a result!!!)

As part of the hosting duty, the parent/child writes in the animal’s journal about what they did together.  We try to do something fun…something journal-worthy…with the critter at night.  Our evenings are so jam-packed with homework, supper, and getting to bed by 7pm, though, that’s a tall task in itself.

In the mornings, I want to involve the girls in what we write in the journal…but I’ve finally decided we have to get up 30 minutes earlier (THIRTY MINUTES!!!) to accomplish this.  The girls prescribe what I should write, and then they paste pictures and draw.  This last week, Baby A wrote a few lines (in kindergarten phonetic speak) herself [which was incredibly adorable].

The girls’ birthday topped the cake (no pun intended).  As the birthday kid in their classrooms, they each got to take home their class pet.  So…in addition to the family birthday festivities we were trying to cram in on the first day back to school following the holiday break, we had BOTH critters to accommodate.

Rowdy and Thomas played the girls’ new Connect 4 game (after the girls went to bed).

My head is itching, just writing about this.

I will make it through the balance of this school year.  I will smile as genuinely as possible when my girls bring their beloved class pets home.  We’ll do fun things.  I’ll take pictures.  We’ll write and draw in the journal.

I’m sure I’ll miss this one day…at least in some strange way…but for now, pardon me while I go clean something.

Yes, writing this does make me feel a little better.  Anything you need to confess today???  Go ahead…we won’t tell!!!

MandyE is mom to six-year old fraternal twin girls.  She blogs about their adventures, and her journey through motherhood, at Twin Trials and Triumphs.

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It’s Okay to Think It: Responding to Twin Comments

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Most days, I recognize that when some asks me “Are they twins?”, they really mean, “I see you have twins, but I don’t want to jump to any conclusions. You might have just have a kid with a growth problem. I would like to open a conversation on the subject of (your) twins, so let me make sure that they are twins.” Then there are the days when I have been chocolate-deprived or sleep-deprived or my children are 3 years old or I am generally grumpy. On those days, don’t ask me these questions.

I may smile and answer your dumb questions about twins but you should know, I will laugh at you with all my twin mom friends later.

On days of the Sadia grumpies, here is what happens when talking to people I will generally label as Nice Person at the Grocery Store (NPGS).

NPGS: “Are they twins?”
Sadia’s internal monologue: Duh.
Sadia: “Yes, they are.”

NPGS: “Are they identical?”
Sadia’s internal monologue: Yes. The ultrasound said so. You see, they shared an outer sac, but not an inner sac, and that’s how we know. They’re “identical” only in the genetic sense. I wish I could get people to use the term “monozygotic”. That means they came from a single zygote, a single fertilized egg. It’s most fascinating to study how different monozygotic twins really are. You really should have asked if they were monozygotic. Look at ’em! They don’t look the same, so clearly they’re not “identical”! They could have been dizygotic twins, and still looked all kinds of similar. “Dizygotic” would have been what you meant if you’d said “fraternal”. There is no such thing as a “paternal” twin, so it’s a good thing you didn’t say that.
Sadia: “Yes.”

NPGS: “Can you tell them apart?”
Sadia’s internal monologue: Now why would I need to do that?
Sadia: “Yes.”

NPGS: “How do you tell them apart?”
Sadia’s internal monologue: They’re different people. How do you usually tell people apart? Go read Alice in Wonderland: `That’s just what I complain of,’ said Humpty Dumpty. `Your face is the same as everybody has — the two eyes, so –‘ (marking their places in the air with his thumb) `nose in the middle, mouth under. It’s always the same. Now if you had the two eyes on the same side of the nose, for instance — or the mouth at the top — that would be some help.’
Sadia: “They have very different personalities. And different noses. And different haircuts.”

In haven’t gotten this since they were infants, and it was probably because I dressed them in colours other than pink:
NPGS: “Which one’s the boy?”
Sadia’s internal monologue: I just told you they were monozygotic! Fine, there’s that one set of twins that’s monozygotic but different genders; I saw them on National Geographic. These are not they.
Sadia: “Both girls.”

NPGS:Who’s older?
Sadia’s internal monologue: How is that relevant? The whole age rank typecasting thing just doesn’t apply. They’re two minutes apart. They’re both bossy, if that’s what you’re asking. The doctor yanked J out first.
Sadia: Wave hand in the general direction of both girls. “That one.”

NPGS:You’ve got your hands full.
Sadia’s internal monologue: Why would I want my hands empty?
Sadia: *smile* or “Better full than empty.”

NPGS:Are they natural?
Sadia’s internal monologue: Are you really truly asking a stranger about her reproductive system? Really? You’re asking me whether their father and I had trouble conceiving? How is that any of your business? If I had gone through the trauma of finding myself infertile and the emotional, physical and financial rollercoaster of in-vitro fertilization, do you really think I would want to discuss at the check-out line, in front of my children? What if I were to turn around and ask you about your fertility level? Some people!
Sadia: “Yes, but I’m not sure infertility is an appropriate topic for discussion in front of my children.”

NPGS:Do twins run in your family?
Sadia’s internal monologue: Of course they run. In fact, they’re running right now. They jump too. And dance. Oh, there they go, skipping again. Someone’s going to get hurt.
Sadia: “In my mother-in-law’s family.”

NPGS: “Better you than me!”
Sadia’s internal monologue: No, kidding, with that attitude. I really hope you don’t have kids of your own. Your resentment of children is kind of obvious.
Sadia: “Yep!”

NPGS: “Oh you poor thing. Twins!”
Sadia’s internal monologue: You did NOT just say that in front of my children!
Sadia: Leave as quickly as possible.

NPGS: “Twins! I would kill myself.
Sadia’s internal monologue: See “Oh you poor thing.”
Sadia: See “Oh you poor thing.”

NPGS: “Double trouble.”
Sadia’s internal monologue: See “Oh you poor thing.”
Sadia: “Double fun, if you ask me!”

NPGS:How do you do it?
Sadia’s internal monologue: Pretty darn well, thank you very much.
Sadia: “They make it easy.” Or, if they’re arguing, “Oh, I just do my best.”

NPGS: “Were you trying to get pregnant?”
Sadia’s internal monologue: PRIVATE. PRIVATE. PRIVATE.
Sadia: “Oh, sure. We planned the pregnancy, and got a bonus prize.”

NPGS: “Were you trying to have twins?”
Sadia’s internal monologue: Huh? How, precisely, would I do that?
Sadia: “Huh?”

"Are they natural?" is a loaded question many strangers ask parents of multiples.

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