Ask the Moms

We always invite questions from readers. Our responses to these questions form our occasional Ask the Moms series. Got a question? Ask us in the comments or email us at!

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2 thoughts on “Ask the Moms”

  1. I have 1 year old twins (11 months adjusted). My little girl is doing great, but my little boy is slightly delayed in some areas. One area that I’m concerned about is his diet. He. Will. Not. Eat. Food!!! He only wants to nurse! He won’t take a bottle or sippy cup. (I try everyday.) We first started solid foods when they were 6 months, and he has always been a struggle to feed, but there have been times when he will eat. But not anymore. The Dr. hasn’t really given any suggestions. His weight is right on track, so the Dr. isn’t concerned about development. I feel like I will be nursing forever! I was hoping to start weaning them, but I can’t if he won’t eat anything else. Has anyone experienced anything similar? Any suggestions??

  2. My bisexual sister is aged 24 and my straight mom is 42. They bring men home for sex. Mom calls me names like “wuss” because I refuse to join in. She says she is fond of me. My dad left us and divorced mom because of her infidelities. He gave her the house and a lot of money to be rid of her. I am 14 years old. I want to be rid of my family but I am too young. Can someone please advise me of my options.

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