Infertility Tales 2014

Resolve to know more about the personal cost of infertility. April 20-26 is Infertility Awareness Week.

Infertility is part of many of a mother of multiples’ story. Those of us who have survived these struggles to become parents know well the pain that so many continue to contend with. In this theme week, we invited regular HDYDI contributors and readers alike to share the stories of how they came to be parents… even though it sometimes seemed impossible.

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  • Buy One, Get One Free: Affordable Fertility Treatment!: You’ve heard stories of long, arduous, and expensive battles with infertility. This mom shares her encouraging story. Her treatment was relatively inexpensive, especially when she considers her “buy one, get one” deal!
  • “Legitimately” Infertile?: Most would say there are no depths of pain and heartache. Hurt is hurt. It is real. This mom struggles with whether she should be classified as “legitimately” infertile, given it “only” took her 10 months to conceive, which she ultimately did via IUI.
  • Liz Wonders: Why Was She Crying?: In this gripping commentary, Wishing on a Snowflake‘sLiz talks about how the various stages of her life have impacted how she looks at others. Infertility has further colored that lens.
  • Infertility: It Still Affects Me: Even years after giving birth to precious twins, this mother feels the stab of being infertile when she sees pregnant women. The effects don’t just go away.
  • Angela’s Letter to Her Infertile Self: Looking back now on her journey through infertility, Angela writes a letter to her infertile self…one of grace and compassion and hope…a lesson for us all, no matter our course.
  • Baby-Maker’s Guilt: The journey through infertility is not uncommon in the world of multiples. Sadia recognizes that her easy path to conceiving spontaneous twins stands in stark contrast to that of many other MoMs.

Friday Tales

  • Lea’s Story: From Infertility to Adoption: Unlike the planning she’d been doing through years of infertility, LeaTheBlogger’s adoption came about quite suddenly.  Neither road was easy, but they are now blessed with two amazing girls.
  • Nichole’s Story: The Path to Adoption: By every definition, Nichole is a master planner.  Her journey to motherhood through adoption taught her that there are some things you just can’t plan for…and how there are often bigger plans in store for us than what we ever could have imagined.
  • Selective Reduction: Two Women, Two Views: Selective reduction isn’t something society likes to talk about, but it’s a real thing. It’s a real conversation that happens in pretty much every high-risk OB’s office or with the mother carrying multiple babies.  Here, Angela (Bickford) and A Mother to One‘s Shelby present two sides of that conversation…with the middle ground that we all deserve support for having made the choice we feel is right for our individual families.
  • Candace and Chris, Continued: Our Misconception on Surrogacy: After seven long years of infertility, Candace and Chris of Our Misconception turned to surrogacy to achieve their dreams of parenthood.  They are beyond thrilled to have a very pregnant gestational carrier!  They look forward to beginning the next chapter of their lives as they welcome their long-awaited miracle into the world.

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