The Fox and The Goat and The Cabbage…

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You know that riddle about the fox and the goat and the cabbage.  The one where you have to figure out how to get them all across the river in the boat.  Well, that’s what it seems like when I try to get everyone in the car.  Just last weekend we put the girls new car seats in the car.  They haven’t really outgrown their infant carriers, but at 17 lbs each they are getting to heavy to carry. I haven’t yet taken all three of them out on my own, but from my previous experience loading them in the stroller or the car with their infant carriers, I can imagine it is going to take a few trips:

  1. I’ll have to dress them both in their outdoor clothes and put one in the living room, which is gated. I can’t really carry them both at once, and they aren’t walking yet, so it means doing it one at a time.
  2. I’ll carry the first girl out and get her buckled in.
  3. I’ll have to come back and get the second girl who will hopefully be waiting patiently…(I left one in her snowsuit in the living room last week and she managed to pull her self up on the table and start to push buttons on the phone in the time it took to buckle her sister in to the stroller).
  4. I’ll carry the second girl out the car and get her buckled in. Fortunately they are close enough in size that it doesn’t matter who goes in which seat.
  5. At some point I’ll have to herd out their 3.5-year-old brother who will hopefully have gotten himself dressed.
  6. I’ll also have to get the diaper bag, my purse, and my son’s backpack (if we’re going to playschool or the library) from the house.
  7. I might need to load one of the strollers from the garage.

But the funny thing is, while this seems like an almost overwhelming task right now, like everything else we’ve had to figure out in the last 15 months it will soon be part of our routine.  In a few months we’ll be facing a new challenge (probably getting two little girls who want to walk by themselves in the car) and we’ll look back at this and realize it wasn’t all that difficult after all.  That seems to be how it is with twins. You figure out what you need to do, and you just do it.  There’s no point in my worrying about all the details because it will all work out.

How do you manage getting two or more children out of the house?  Any suggestions for making it go more smoothly?

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