MiM: Paint Chips for Parenting Projects

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Paint chips are a great FREE crafting resource. Ideas from hdydi.com
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Paint chips, the kind you pick up free at the paint or hardware store, are quite possibly my favourite crafting supply ever. They’re free. There’s no guilt in using paint chips for projects because stores expect us to take them home, for free.

And they are so very pretty, with vibrant colours in every shade you could possibly use. They’re great for educating toddlers about colours, of course, but they have a bazillion uses in crafts of all sorts.

Two of my favourite crafty bloggers are Valerie at Inner Child Fun and MaryAnne at Mama Smiles. I confess that they’re the two who brought paint chips’ crafty potential to my attention. Take a look at MaryAnne’s colour scheme game and Valerie’s outdoor colour match.

Or you could just browse our Pinterest board of Paint Chip Crafts!

I’m pinning other great paint chip craft ideas on Pinterest.

Let us know what your great craft idea is for these colourful strips of joy.

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