Toddler Thursday: 10 Reasons My Toddlers Drive Me to Eat Cupcakes

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Some moms drink wine. Some exercise. Me? I eat cupcakes.

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I blame it (mostly) on my toddlers, although, I’ve been a stress-eater for most of my life. It just sounds better to explain it away as the stress of raising preemies/multiples/NICU babies/surviving triplets/high ongoing need babies…

Than to admit I have a problem.

So, let’s just go with it, okay?

Here are 10 Reasons My Toddlers Drive Me to Eat Cupcakesand why you’re probably doing something similar to cope. Cause we all know this ain’t easy.

  1. It’s hard. Yes, you’ve heard it too. The lie of ‘the first year is the hardest’. WRONG. The first year is a breeze; partly because you’re half-asleep through it all and partly because at least they’re semi-containable and they sleep a lot.
  2. They move. Fast. In opposite directions. Even with only one that walks (the other is almost there, but still crawling), they still get away from me.

    Look mom, I snuck out the doggie door when you weren't looking!
    Look mom, I snuck out the doggie door when you weren’t looking!
  3. They can reach all the things they aren’t supposed to have. No matter how many times or where you move it. They will find it.
  4. They know how to give you the evil-eye. My son is particularly good at this. It’s his favorite way to disagree with me.

    I told you I don't want chicken Mommy!
    I told you I don’t want chicken Mommy!
  5. They think making you mad is funny. And they do that exact button-pushing thing over and over again just to get a rise out of you. (I eat an extra cupcake every time I realize this isn’t going to get any better…).
  6. They’ve developed stalling tactics. Just when you’ve gotten a good sleeping routine going, they have now figured out how to stall. Or get your attention by crying loudly every time you start walking them to their room. If you’ve got an easy-thrower-upper, this is not cute at all. (Wait, it’s never cute, never mind.)

    But, I don't want to go to bed!
    But, I don’t want to go to bed!
  7. They have learned their opposites. They may not know many words, or many colors, or animal sounds, but they sure know what opposites are. It’s the thing they do every time you want them to do something else.
  8. They’ve begun to lose their hearing. This goes hand in hand with pretty much all the above reasons. They’ll look right through you like you weren’t even speaking or completely ignore you like you’re yesterday’s news.

    Yep, I'm just pretending to listen. Mmmhmmm. Okay, mom, whatever you say.
    Yep, I’m just pretending to listen. Mmmhmmm. Okay, mom, whatever you say.
  9. Their little sun-shiny personalities are in full-force. Most of the time, they really are sun-shiny, but when they aren’t, they really aren’t. And they know how to throw a mean tantrum. (And this just makes me waste cupcake, because it causes me to spit some out from laughing so hard at their little show…).
  10. They are independent, except when you actually want them to be. Oh, they’ll help you with things and be all nice and stuff, until you actually need their cooperation, and then it’s like a war zone.

What about you? How do YOU do it – handle the toddler years? Share with us below some of your tips and tricks (even if one of them is that you secretly eat cupcakes in the pantry when no one is looking, just to stay sane).

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Balancing Work, Home, and Mommy Guilt

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Working fulltime with two little ones at home is proving more difficult than expected. It’s been 8 months now since returning to work after extended leave, and I thought we had it all figured out. One thing we didn’t factor in was how busy and challenging my job had become in two years.

We’re doing everything right, or so it seems. Mr. Mama and I take turns cooking and we have someone coming in to clean the house twice a month. Mr. Mama does most of the daycare pickups and dropoffs while I help him get the kids out of the house. We tag team during mealtimes, bathtime and bedtime. We even have extra help from the Grandparents once a week and on the weekends.

Our morning routine is consistent. I usually wake up first to get ready for work and make breakfast. Then I get Little Mister and Little Missy, chang them and start on breakfast while Mr. Mama gets ready. In the evenings, I’m home 10 minutes before the twins which is enough time to warm up dinner. Then follows bathtime and an early bed.

Other things I do to save time and energy: pack my lunch 2 days ahead, write down daily priorities at work, write up weekly “To Do” list at home, set out the twins clothes for the week and set out my clothes for the week. Despite all that, we never see the neighbours, let alone our friends, and barely have time to catch up on the rest of the life.

As another twin mom put it, every day is organized chaos. I know this is for a short time only because the kids are so young. But that’s the sad part! Every day they seem to grow an inch and learn things at an exponential rate. And I’m too tired right now to enjoy it. That, my friends, is mommy-guilt. How do you manage yours?

Ambereen, mom to 2 year old B/G twins, is constantly striving to find some form of balance between all the aspects of their busy lives. Read more on her personal blog.

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Hello My Name Is Krissy, And My Kids Are Driving Me Crazy!

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When I am stressed, I like to chew. Something about the repetitive motion of chomping up and down is calming to me. As a result, I have arthritis in my jaws from consuming many many packs of gum, and slightly bumpy teeth from crunching ice, a habit which has been nearly impossible to break, much to my family’s chagrin.

Last night, I was desperate to chew away some of my stress. I was overwhelmed from back to back bad days with my 14 month olds. My two toddlers turned on me this week, hitting, pushing, falling, crying, head-butting, smacking, pulling hair and screaming. In a restaurant, in the car, in IKEA, with all eyes being magnetically drawn to my twosome. I wasn’t handling the situation well…I could feel myself getting increasingly annoyed, agitated and plain angry with my tiresome duo. I briefly considered trying to sell them at IKEA, but the way they were acting, no one would have bought them!

When my husband got home from work, he found me in a near coma on the couch. I was DONE with those kids….absolutely positively DONE. I had very little left to offer anyone, and when my son hit me hard in the face with a wooden spoon, and my anger boiled over, I knew I was near the edge.

My kind husband put the kids to bed and helped me clean up the house. I contemplated what options I had for making myself feel a little better, and my mind toyed with the idea of consuming large quantities of dark chocolate. Mmmm, chocolate. I stopped eating chocolate 8 months ago when the kids were 6 months old, in an effort to help my weight loss goals. Nary a morsel has crossed my lips, and no, my weight isn’t down thank-you-very-much. But oh, the temptation! I was so incredibly desperate to stop feeling so miserable that I came darn close to stuffing myself with chocolate. But I kept thinking “I have never woken up and though ‘That was such a good idea to eat all that food before bed.'” Instead, I turned to my stash of frozen grapes for my noshing needs.

Today was a much better day. I was able to get a decent nights sleep, and prayed for my day before exiting my covers this morning.  I planned lots of physical activity for my energetic twosome, and mentally prepared myself for the day. I purposefully planned on being around other people most of the day, which is a great coping mechanism for me.

Parenting is stressful. Parenting two strong-willed toddlers is extra-stressful. My husband and I have developed a system to give each other a “night off” at least once every other week. Every other Friday, my husband plays poker after work. And every other Thursday, I leave the house as soon as he is home from work. Sometimes I take a good book to dinner, sometimes I window shop or go to a book store and drink coffee. Other days I meet up with a friend for nourishing conversation. And this past weekend, I slipped out of the house early, before my family was up, for some much needed “me” time. On Saturday, I went to the track, walking, jogging and sweating. On Sunday I went to a local farm and came home with fresh fruit, vegetables and just-baked bread. It was delightful!

Yet some how, I still managed to become a stressball by Tuesday evening! So I am curious, how do you handle the stress of parenting? What has been the most challenging aspect of parenting to date? How do you and your spouse/family give each other a break?

Who US?! Challenging?! What is she talking about?
Who US?! Challenging?! What is she talking about?
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