Foodie Friday: Parsnip Fries

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In a recent post, I shared my neighbour’s recipe for thick cut French fries made on the stovetop.

Now that our little ones are older and like the crunchy and oily taste of real french fries, I started thinking of a new way to serve my own version of this tasty treat. Like many kids, Mister and Missy don’t like to eat their vegetables. Veggies have to be cleverly disguised or served with an interesting dip for them to munch on them.

So the perfect french fry for Mister and Missy would have to be crunchy (for them), not fried (for Mama), and count as a full serving of vegetables (for Mama). So far I have tried baking French fries using regular and sweet potatoes. Then one day I felt adventurous and decided to try it with an unusual vegetable.. the parsnip. Parsnip is a sweet root vegetable which cooks or bakes quickly and tastes delicious with herbs and salt.

I found an easy recipe for Oven Roasted Parsnips here, and it was a hit! Try it out! One word of caution, the recipe calls for heating the oven to 450F which I found is too hot. Try roasting it at 375F.

2cuteblog enjoys experimenting with new recipes and is always looking for ways to let her three year old twins enjoy eating new things. You can check her out on her personal blog or follow her on twitter @2cuteblog.

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